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These crystal bags come from Guatemala, and make great hippy gifts. The "rainbow"
of color can vary quite a bit. Some crystal bags will be different shades of one color.
Other bags will be varying shades of 2 or 3 colors. Yet, other crystal bags will run
the spectrum of a rainbow. We never know what colors will be available. You are
welcome to request your preference and we will do our best to find the crystal bag
the most closely matches your request.

~ Crocheted Crystal Bags From Guatemala ~          
~ Guatemalan Rainbow Drawstring Pouches ~        
~ Lucky Mojo Bags ~           

Our Guatemalan Crystal Bags come in a variety of hues. There
is no color choice, but if you mention a preference in the "special
instructions" section of the checkout form, we will do our best to
find a crystal bag in those colors.

The crystal bags are crocheted with a fairly tight weave, but it is
not tight enough to keep finely powdered spices from falling
through the spaces. Something to keep in mind. :)
The crystal pouches measure approximately 2 1/2" x  3 1/2". Each
crystal bag comes with a hanging loop, so that you may wear them
around your neck, hang them in your room, closet, or car. The
hanging loop measures about 30-32" total lenth, and doubles as a drawstring closure. Of course, the length can vary from bag to bag,
but all should be long enough to hang about the neck.

Whether you decide to make a change purse, a lucky mojo bag, or
keep your pendulum in these, our crystal bags are sure to please!

BAGB5540   Rainbow Crystal Pouches    $1.99 each

Save Money, Buy a set of 2!                                    
2BAGB5540 Rainbow Crystal Pouches    $2.99 set of 2      
To add items to your basket, click on the appropriate boxes and change the numbers to the number of bags you wish to order. Then, click on the shopping cart button!
crystal bag
set of 2 crystal bags
Updated May 2, 2004   
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We found these special gift items and just had to have them. We
hope you will be pleased with this new section of our store! The
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they are gone!

~ Crocheted Crystal Bags From Guatemala ~      
~ Guatemalan Rainbow Crystal Pouches ~
Lucky Mojo Bags ~ Hippy Gifts      

Our crocheted drawstring crystal bags come from Guatemala and are
pefect for carrying your favorite stones. These rainbow bags is also
wonderful for change purses, mojo bags, herb sachets, or pendulum
pouches. These crystal pouches are perfect gifts for the hippy in you,
or the hippy in your life. :)

You can wear our crystal bags around your neck, or carry them in
your pocket. They have a loop to hang by, so they could be hung in
your closet, or in the car, too!  They are drawstring bags. That is
the loop also serves as a drawstring closure.

Make your own Lucky Mojo bag!
Need a little gambling luck? Try some nutmeg, cinnamon, or allspice
in your bag! Want a protection bag? Carry some chamomile,
lemongrass, or dragon's blood in your pouch. Want to attract  love?
Try some patchouly, cinnamon chips, or juniper berries.  Want to
know about more magical herbs? Check out
Grandpa's herb section!
You can add appropriate gemstones to your mojo bag to add the
energy of your stone to the herbs, as well.

Make your own crystal power bag!
You can also just use the power of stones, if that is your wish and
create your own crystal pouch. Try rose quartz for a love bag, tiger
eye for a protection bag, or aventurine for a luck & prosperity bag!
Want to know more about the metaphysical properties of stones?
Grandpa's Gemstone pages!
Store your favorite pendulum in one of these cool drawstring bags!
Legally necessary MagicalWitchcraftMetaphysicalOccultMumboJumboDisclaimerThingy - All items and articles, either spiritual or magickal in nature,
are presented or sold as curios only. The owners and staff at Grandpa's General Store make no claims as to the effectiveness of the products
sold, or to the validity or effectiveness of any of the magickal/metaphysical information presented. But on a personal note... our customers have
overall been very pleased with these products and services. Want to know what people say?
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Guatelmalan Crystal Pouches-Great Hippy Gifts, Make Your Own Lucky Mojo Bag, Crystal Power Bags. Crocheted Crystal Bag From Guatemala. Rainbow Drawstring Pouches. Pendulum Bags to store your favorite pendulum.
Guatemalan Drawstring Bags-These are great pendulum pouches-ideal coin purses from Guatemala-Our crystal bags come in a variety of colors-make your own mojo bag, herbal sachets, crystal power bags and more!