~ Chinese Satin Dragon Tarot Bag ~
~Satin Brocade Drawstring Bag With Dragon Design

We have a VERY limited supply of these gorgeous satin brocade
Tarot bags.
Each Tarot bag has a drawstring closure and a Chinese Dragon
design in satin brocade. Our supplier has discontinued the line,
almost as soon as they started, so when these dragon bags are
gone, they are gone!

We offer you this oportunity to have a unique tarot bag, satin
purse, or crystal bag. The satin brocade dragon bags come in
royal blue, and gold satin, with the Chinese celestial dragon
pattern all over the bag.

Royal Blue Dragon Tarot Bag
The blue dragon bag is royal blue on the outside, and navy or
black on the interior, and has a dark blue drawstring closure.
On the outside, you see the dragon in a darker thread. On the
interior, the dragon is in the royal blue. The bags are NOT

Gold Dragon Tarot Bag
The gold dragon bag is gold satin with brown dragons covering the bag and a gold drawstring closure. The interior is brown, with gold dragons. The dragon bags are NOT reversible.

Both satin dragon bags measure about 5" x 7" and will hold most standard tarot decks measuring up to about 3 3/4" wide x 5 1/2" tall.
This is a great oportunity to own something different in Tarot bags! When they are gone, the're gone!

TEMP-BBDR Blue Dragon Tarot Bag $12.95
TEMP-BGDR Gold Dragon Tarot Bag $12.95
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          ~ Satin Tarot Bags With Dragon Design ~
Satin Brocade Dragon Bags ~ Dragon Drawstring Bag ~
                     ~ The Chinese Dragon Bag

The Chinese dragon is a legendary animal in ancient China. The
image of the dragon may incorporate features of many different
animals: the head of a bull, the horns of a deer, the body of a snake,
the scale of a fish, the claws of an eagle.

The dragon is a powerful creature that can become as large as the
universe or as small as a silk worm…change color or disappear in a

In Chinese folklore, there is a celestial dragon-Tien Lung, treasure
keeper-Fu-Tsang Lung, river dragon-Ti Lung, dragon that control
the weather-Shen Lung, and the great dragon Chien-Lung.   I
believe there may be 4 others, making 9 in total, but these are the
dragons I am aware of.

The Chinese dragon is associated with the weather as a water god.
In spring, it takes to the skies and brings or withholds the rains and
in fall it returns to the waters, below.

The dragon is also known as the herald of good tidings and an
auspicious symbol of abundance.

One Chinese dragon of fortune, may bear a pearl in its mouth or
claw. The pearl is said to hold untold riches, not only in the form of
physical wealth but also happiness and wisdom.

Over all, the Chinese dragon is a symbol of wisdom, nobility, and
good luck. In China, dragons are generally considered “friendly
creatures that ensure luck and wealth”. Sighting of a dragon fortells
happiness and goodfortune.

The Chinese dragon may be used in Feng Shui (pronounced fung
shway), the Oriental art of placement.  The dragon can represent
any of the above and also virility, & protection from evil.
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Chinese Dragon Satin Brocade Drawstring Bag with dragon design in gold. These dragon bags are great for most tarot decks, medium size crystal specimens, or elegant satin evening bags
Blue Satin Tarot Bag With Dragon Design-These blue dragon bags are made of satin brocade. The dragon pattern  looks as if embroidered into the fabric.
Blue Dragon Bag
Gold Dragon Bag
Chinese Dragon Bags Or Satin Drawstring Pouches.
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