Lord Ganesh  With Four Arms~Stone Resin Ganesh
Hindu Deity ~ Four Armed Ganesh Playing Sitar

Our Ganesh has four arms and is playing the sitar, with his small
mouse/rat, ever at his feet. He sits on a lotus pedestal, and a
lotus halo sets off his head. The lotus represents The Reality.
Ganesh sitting on the lotus indicates that he is ever-rooted in the
infinite Reality.
He looks to be carved carefully out of clay, sandstone, or bone.
In reality, this Ganesh is made from a stone resin, in a light tan
color, bathed in a lovely brown wash. The figurine stands about 5
1/2" tall, 3" wide, and about 1 1/2" deep.

The back of Ganesh is flat, and would fit nicely against a wall or
in a shrine. Placed in plain view, he can be a daily reminder of the
your goals or obstacles you are moving through. A fine gift for
anyone interested in Hindu Diety or for your favorite elephant

TEMPWG50 Stone Resin Ganesh Playing Sitar $19.95
Limited to supply on hand.
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                   Hindu God Ganesh Statue ~
              White Stone Resin Ganesh Figurine

The Hindu Lord Ganesha / Ganesh removes all obstacles on the
path of the spiritual aspirant, and bestows upon him worldly as well
as spiritual success. So he is called VIGNA VINAYAKA or
VIGHNESHWAR (remover of, or lord over, obstacles).

The son of Shiva and Parvati, Ganesh is shown as having a human
body and the head of an elephant.  There are many tales to
describe how Ganesh came to have an elephant head.  In one
story, Shiva set off travelling when Ganesh was young and went
away for many years.  When he returned, he found Parvati talking
to an adult Ganesh, and assuming Ganesh was a stranger there to
woo his wife, he chopped off his own son's head.  Parvati was so
upset that in order to placate her, Shiva said he would replace
Ganesh's head with that of the first living being he came upon.
This happened to be an elephant, and so now Ganesh is portrayed
as having the head of an elephant.

Ganesha is the God of Knowledge and remover of obstacles. He
is invoked at the beginning of any endeavor. It is believed that for
the fulfillment of one's desires, Ganesh's blessing is absolutely

Lord Ganesha, from whom emanates profound knowledge, and
cosmic music and rhythm, is the Master of the Gana (all existing
Ganesh is also the master of sound : he plays music and dances,
often shown dancing when hearing drumbeat and flute playing.
He dances to dispel gloom and to destroy obstacles standing in his

A very complex deity, Ganesh is known in many forms.
The four-armed Ganesha is an embodiment of truth, discretion,
having control over money power and bondage. These four arms
represent the four inner equipments of the subtle body, namely
mind (manas), intellect (buddhi), ego (aharnkar) and conditioned
consciousness {chitta). Lord Ganesh represents the pure
Consciousness, the Atman (essence of the Universe) which enables
these four equipments to function in you.                 
Ganesh Figurine with 4 arms playing the sitar, made of stone resin. Lord Ganesha remover of obstacles.
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Lord Ganesha Statue-Hindu God Ganesh Figurine. Brings success, remover of obstacles. Made of white stone resin. Hindu diety Ganesh figurine playing sitar with 4 arms and rat.
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Updated June 9, 2004   
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Stone Ganesh
Hindu God Ganesh ~ Lord Ganesha Statue
Click on picture for larger image.
White Stone Resin Ganesh statue-Ganesha is the God of Knowledge and is invoked at the beginning of any endeavor. It is believed that for the fulfillment of one's desires, Ganesh's blessing is absolutely  necessary. This is a white stone resin ganesh figurine, just right for a daily reminder of obstacles you wish to remove or goals that you wish to acheive. Lord Ganesh With 4 arms playing the sitar.