~Lord Of The Rings Metal Medallion Keychains~

Both of these Lord Of The Rings metal medallion keychains measure
2 1/4"across and about 5" from end to end. They are sturdy and heavy,
weighing aproximately 2 1/2 oz. each. These are great collectibles
for the Tolkien reader and fan of the Lord Of The Rings. There are two different styles so be sure to get one of each!

Lord Of The Rings Ringwraith Keychain

                                     The Ringwraith medallion keychain is octagon
                                     shaped and is based on the eye of Sauron. It
                                     comes in an "antique pewter" finish. You can
                                     view a larger image of the Ringwraith keychain,
                                      by clicking on the picture. The picture shows
                                      each side of the keychain.

The Lord Of The Rings Fellowship Medallion Keychain

The Fellowship key chain is round, and has the
Fellowship leaf on one side of the medallion, with
Elvish symbolism on the reverse. This great key
chain has an "antique bronze" finish, including a
faux green "patina" that is evident when bronze
You can view a larger image of the
Fellowship keychain, by clicking on the picture.
The picture shows each side of the keychain.

Both of these great medallion key chains are "weathered and distressed" to represent the olde world, mythological feel of The Lord of The Rings.
Again, they measure at 2 1/4" across and 5" long, from end to end.
There are many Lord of the Rings souvenirs out there, but we think
these are some of the most attractive & practical, something you can
use and admire every day!

You can also purchase these great key rings as a set, of 1 each!

Please note, we have a limited supply of these keychains and may not
be able to obtain more. Don't miss out...

KC43360F Lord Of The Rings Fellowship Medallion Keychain       
KC43360R Lord Of The Rings Ringwraith Medallion Keychain
$6.95 Each

KC43360B Lord Of The Rings Keychain Set $10.95
Buy the set of both key rings and SAVE!
Click, for larger image-Lord Of The Rings-Fellowship Key Chain
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  Lord Of The Rings Keychains
Large Metal Medallion Key Chains
~Fellowship & Ringwraith Style Keychains

These are very cool Lord Of The Rings keepsakes.
The heavy medallion keychains feature icons and
heraldry based on the Lord of the Rings, complete
with Elvish symbols around the medallion of the keychain.
No Tolkien fan, should be without one. :)
To add items to your basket, click on the appropriate boxes and change the numbers to the number of keychains you wish to order. Then, click on the shopping cart button!
Ringwraith Keychain
Fellowship Keychain
Lord Of The Rings Keychain Set
Updated December 3, 2004   
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Fellowship & Ringwraith Medallion
Key Chains ©2001 New Line Productions
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Click, for larger image-Lord Of The Rings-Ringwraith Key Chain
Ringwraith Medallion Key Chain. Great gift for the lord of the rings fanatic!