Round Apothecary Jars
Glass Spice Jars
Glass Spice Canisters ~ Candle Jars

These are very cool clear glass spice jars, or canisters.
They are called Georgian Style jars and have 2 sets of 4 rings
around the jar, one set near the top and one near the bottom.

We felt these jars would be ideal for keeping incense, herbs, or resins. They are also just perfect for candle jars, if you pour your own candles.

The spice jars have a plastic fitment that creates a good
fit, however, the fit is loose enough to easily open the jar,
without loosing the spices all over the floor.

Both the top and the bottom of these spice jars are made in
the USA, using a molded clear glass. The lids, or covers, are
domed with a glass knob at the top, making the jars very easy to grab and open.

Presently, we have these spice jars in 2 sizes:

4 Ounce Georgian Spice Canister Or Candle Jar

First, we have these very cool tiny 4oz size jars. They measure just 3 15/16", from top to bottom, including the domed cover.
The jar alone, measures 2 7/16" tall, 2 7/16" across the bottom, and the opening at the top of the spice jar is 1 3/4" across.
They are made to hold 4 fluid ounces. They would hold about
3/4 to 1 ounce of most herbs and about 2 oz. of most spices, resins, or powders.

10 Ounce Georgian Spice Canisters or Candle Jars

Second, we have the very same glass spice jar in a 10 fluid ounce size! This size spice jar measures 5", from top to bottom, including the domed  cover. The jar alone measures 3 3/8" tall, 3  3/8" across the bottom, and the opening at the top of the spice jar is 2 1/2" across.
This spice jar is made to hold 10 fluid ounces. They should hold about 2 to 2 1/2 oz of most herbs and about 4-6 ounces of most spices, resins, or powders.

These make ideal candle jars for anyone who is pouring their
own candles. They would also be great for bath salts, candy,
treats or ? The plastic fitment may even be removed to add
something decorative to the lid, like sand and seashells. Let
your imagination run wild!

G-TEMPGJ4   4oz Georgian Spice Jar With Cover   
$2.99 each  

G-TEMPGJ10   10oz. Georgian Spice Jar With Cover
$3.99 each
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  Unique Apothecary Jars
Georgian Spice Canisters or Round Candle Jars
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4 oz. Spice Jar
10 oz. Spice Jar
Updated April 12, 2004   
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Georgian Apothecary Jars-These are elegant spice jars, available in a variety of sizes, perfect for candle jars, bath salt containers, treats or candy. The apothecary / spice jars come with a plastic fitment and lid or cover, just waiting to be filled. You could even remove the seal and fill the lid of these spice jars with something deorative like sand or seashells!
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