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Both Xuan Kong practitioners and Lin Yun practitioners claim effective and beneficial results.

You have to decide if you want to work with true directions or with the Lin Yun Ba Gua. You have to decide if true directions are compatible with the Lin Yun Ba Gua, if they are never compatible or sometimes show a match.

Seen from true directions, however, the example above shows what happens when the main door of the house faces true Northeast.

The Wealth position of this house will face true South and South is the domain of Fire. An aquarium in the relative Wealth position, being in true South, may cause for a clash between Water and Fire.

Keeping with Lin Yun's terms you will see money generated. Still keeping with Lin Yun's system, but seen from true directions you may also injure your reputation.

Do not confuse different systems. Sometimes a technique from one system may cause for a direct conflict seen from the other system. If you choose to combine systems, make sure you know the ins and outs of all to prevent mistakes.

Here is the same house. You can see how the Ba Gua is superimposed on each individual room, relative to the entrance, and how Wealth is in the same relative position seen from the entrance, but in another compass direction relative to the horizon. The sun shows true South.
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Your Path Through Life

If a Lin Yun consultant visits your house, chances are he or she will follow a certain pattern through your house. This path is inspired by the Tibetan mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum.

This mantra is seen as probably the most powerful mantra and means: 'Ooh Magnificent Jewel in the Lotus Flower'. The mantra is considered to be so powerful that Chinese rule has forbidden Tibetans to use it, much like the Japanese were once forbidden to use 'Kiai'.

Lin Yun's Ba gua is meant to be a relative diagram of the Chinese compass, or an intuitive approach of Time and Space.

A Lin Yun consultation may follow these positions respectively: Center - Family - Wealth - Helpful People - Children - Knowledge - Fame - Career en Marriage.

Its Tantric-Buddhist roots show your path through life.

Center As a child you are completely central and dependent. The central position is associated with Tao. You are completely dependent on your parents for food, cloths and warmth.

Family You are born into a family. Family here meaning parents, siblings, society.

Wealth For Chinese and other Asian peoples having many kids was a sign for wealth. In modern branches of feng shui Wealth is associated with money. Wealth means that you are being born into a large family. Many hands can harvest much. Wealth means having strong Human Qi. Strong Qi is healthy and points to the ability of working hard and have swift reaction to opportunity.

Helpful People As you grow older you will become less dependent of your parents for care. Your environment can help to provide you with food, safety, guidance.

Children You learn skills to adjust to others and your environment. It is the period of 'joy' and 'amazement' and you are allowed to play. It is also the sector for vision and evaluation. You are evaluating the past and your future.

Knowledge In order to manifest later in life, education becomes necessary: the following period you will start building up exact knowledge and go to school. This sector also points to our inner � esoteric - knowledge.

Fame Slowly your position within the community has become more important. Whether you become own boss or work for an employer, in the end it is all a matter of how people perceive you. Are you known for your skills, how are your character traits. Are your skills and personal traits helping you build up a strong future.

Career You have become fully independent en have chosen your own contribution to society. Career is associated with Water and kidneys and bladder. These organs control sexuality.

Marriage You are ready for marriage and your own 'Family'. A full cycle is completed here.
The Human Factor

Again, all Oriental esoteric systems combine Heaven Luck, Man Luck and Earth Luck. Human Qi is very strong as people can choose to either co-operate with Heaven Luck and Earth Luck and maintain or restore balance, or they can choose to produce chaos.

Human Luck includes:

~Positive, neutral and negative action and thoughts

~Sheng qi and sha qi coming from body, mind and action

~Affirmations, intuition, vision

~Diet and exercise

Not all good and bad things can come from your horoscope (Heaven Luck), nor can you challenge good.

Heaven Luck by unfounded Human action.

Not all good and bad things can come from feng shui (Earth Luck), nor can you challenge good feng shui by irresponsible Human behavior.

Not all good and bad things will sprout from your direct actions (Man Luck), including affirmations, rituals or your intuition.

Luck and Earth Luck in everything we do, including Feng Shui. In exclusively applying one system over the other we will easily overlook certain important techniques of the other system.

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