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The Periods

Xuan Kong Feng Shui operates on principles of 9 periods of 20 years each. This totals a megacycle of 180 years.

A megacycle is subdivided into three cycles of 60 years each. These are known as the:

Upper Cycle
Water 1 1864 - 1883
Earth 2 1884 - 1903
Wood 3 1904 - 1923
Middle Cycle
Wood 4 1924 - 1943
Earth 5 1944 - 1963
Metal 6 1964 - 1983
Lower Cycle
Metal 7 1984 - 2003
Earth 8 2004 - 2023
Fire 9 2024 - 2043

Buildings are assigned a Period Star according to their time of construction. A house built between 1984 and 2004 is a Period 7 house (lower cycle).
It must also be noted that these periods begin and end according to the observation of the Chinese Solar Calendar. The beginning and ending dates usually occur on February 4th or 5th of any given year.

The Noble Star

In any building, at any given time, regardless of the Period of the building, and regardless of the locations of the stars in the Flying Star Chart, the Star associated with the current Period is referred to as the Noble Star. The Noble Star is the most powerful Star in any given period.

During period 7, 7-Red Metal is the Noble Star. During period 8, 8-White Earth is the Noble Star.

The Noble Stars then relate to their locations in the Flying Star Chart. As a Mountain Dragon (on the left) it pertains to current health. As a Water Dragon (on the right) it pertains to current wealth. As the Noble Star is the most powerful Star in any given period, these locations will afford the most powerful and beneficial aspects of Qi.

In a period 7 house the Mountain Star 6 and Water Star 6 are termed past health and past wealth. These are considered auspicious.

In a period 7 house the the Mountain Star 8 and Water Star 8 are termed nearby health and nearby wealth. These are considered auspicious.

The Flying Star Chart

The Flying Star Chart is constructed according to the numerical patterns of the Luo Shu. The Flying Star Chart is superimposed over the Luo Shu template.

Several criteria must be known in order to construct the Flying Star Chart of a building. These criteria are known as the Period and the Facing and Sitting Directions. The Period refers to the exact date the building was constructed. The Facing and Sitting Directions criteria refers to the exact compass reading, the determination of the types of Qi which enter the building and affect the occupants.

The Flying Star Chart reveals the qualities of the Qi influencing the building from eight primary directions including South, Southwest, West, Northwest, North, Northeast, East, and SoutEach 45� sector outlined on the Flying Star Chart will initially contain three numbers from one to nine. These numbers are based on the Luo Shu. Each of these nine numbers represents a �Star� or a "Dragon". The terms Star and Dragon are a pseudonyms for the invisible energies referred to as Qi. These Stars or Dragons are representations of the phantom energies which affect the occupants of a building.
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