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What is Wu Xing?

Wu Xing, the Five Elements, refers to conceptualization of Qi in various forms known as Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. They are not to be taken literally as they are only concepts provided for human understanding. These "Elements" have many relations to aspects of Feng Shui.

What is the Luo Shu?
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The Luo Shu is a 2-dimensional grid containing 9 squares. Each square is referred to as a Palace. Each Palace is assigned a specific number referred to as a Star or Dragon. Each Palace around the perimeter also represents one of the eight directions while the central Palace represents Earth or Man.

The Luo Shu also demonstrates directional aspects and contains the secrets of the Elemental aspects of the Five Transformations:
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The Mathematics

Mathematics and logic play great roles in Xuan Kong. Specific formulae produce a chart of the external and internal energies that affect a building. This chart, a 2-dimensional projection of the patterns formed by Qi, is a horoscope known as the �Flying Star� Chart.

The Stars and Dragons

The nine numbers,referred to as Stars or Dragons, each have relative associations to Qi, to Wu Xing, to colors, and to trigrams of the Yi Jing. Each star posesses a beneficial or detrimental nature. Each star has realtive interpretations on an individual basis and in combination.

1-White Water Star, beneficial nature
2-Black Earth Star, detrimental nature
3-Green Wood Star, detrimental nature
4-Dark Green Wood Star, detrimental nature
5-Yellow Earth Star, detrimental nature
6-White Metal Star, beneficial nature
7-Red Metal Star, detrimental nature
8-White Earth Star, beneficial nature
9-Purple Fire Star, beneficial nature

The Stars can further be interpreted according to their reactions during specific Periods. This is known as timeliness and can actually change the nature of the Stars during the Period.

The nature of Stars can also change according to their position in combinations as host, guest, or assisting Stars.

We will return to the complexities of the nature of Stars as we progress.