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The Lin Yun Approach

In Xuan Kong the Qi pattern of a house is determined relative to Heaven Qi (Time aspect) and Earth Qi (orientation of the house). This interpretation places Human Qi in a central position.

But, according to Lin Yun's system, a house is looked upon as a human body, with the main door seen as the 'mouth of Qi'. The fixed directions of the Ba Gua reflect life aspects, like Fame, Marriage, Children, et cetera.

Because it has a direct effect on Human Qi, the energy coming through the door is taken as the starting point. After the life aspects have been allocated to their respective sectors, certain changes are being made:
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In Lin Yun's system the North-South axis of the Ba Gua is always oriented to face the wall with the main door of a house or individual room (as shown by the sun in this example), even if the North is somewhere else.

Therefore the wall with the main door will always include sectors Knowledge � Career � Helpful People. Your Wealth corner will always be at the far left at the opposite wall, seen diagonally from the entrance of your house or each individual room.

The idea of Wealth being originally located in the Southeast (and connected to the Wind Trigram) is abandoned in this system.

According to the Five Transformations you can now place an aquarium in the Wealth position to generate money. The Water of the aquarium will generate the Wood of this corner and thus your Wealth.
~Directions become static and are now seen independently of the horizon and actual the sun pattern.

~Directions and their attributes (organs, colors) are found relative to the entrance of house and rooms.

~Palaces and sectors are now being referred to as 'positions'. Positions can be 'missing' or 'extended'.

~Original Ba Gua and 45� directions change into a nine-grid pattern with equal sections.