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Reading the Compass

When reading a compass it is suggested that you remove all jewelry, metallic objects, and electronic devices from your person. Remain as distant as possible from any metallic objects, electrical devices, and underground water. Other materials such as wood, glass, brick, and, stone have also occasionally demonstrated the ability to disrupt the compass.

Stand at the Facing of the building with your back to the building. Hold the compass in one hand stretched away from your body at about navel height so that it is visible and easy to read. Align the compass so that the needle is correctly pointing North and South according to your particular compass. The compass will now properly display the directions. The direction you are facing is the Facing Direction of the building.

Now you can begin to refine the reading to determine the exact degree of bearing. You do this by taking readings from a multitude of locations and distances around the building, including the sides and Sitting locations. Note the discrepancies and reevaluate until you arrive at an accurate reading. Repeat each reading while continually adjusting the height of the compass to knee level, navel level, and eye level and observe any anomalies. It will also become necessary to hold the compass up to eye level and adjust the square of the housing to the square of the building for accuracy.

Carefully record all the different readings and be sure to state on your report whether the compass was at knee level, navel level, or eye level, and the locations on the property where the readings were obtained, and any anomalies noticed.

Occasionally a compass reading may prove difficult.

Use the best quality compass or Luo Pan possible.

Never work from blueprints, survey maps, architectural drawings, or any other map or drawing regardless of who they are provided by.

Never take a compass reading from inside a house.

From this routine you can accurately determine the Facing and construct an accurate Flying Star Chart for the building.

The flying star chart for the house can also be superimposed onto each individual room. So when the house has three numbers in the south sector, each south sector of each room has the same numbers. However, standing at the center of the house or any given room, the door will be in a different section. Doors and windows determine a lot of the qi qualities coming in or leaving your house, but they do not determine house horoscope. House horoscope is determined by year the house was been built (time factor) combined with the specific orientation of the facing side of the house (space). 
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The Audit

Each audit is an individual case and requires:
Facing degree
Gender, date, time, and place of birth of building occupants
Description of the house interior
Number of floors
Functions of rooms
Description of the house exterior
Description of the external environment including buildings, roads, water features, landscaping, trees, mountains, electrical devices, any other pertinent features
Known history of the building
Known history of previous occupants