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The three numbers in a Palace each represent specific aspects of Qi. These stars must be considered individually and in combinations in order to correctly interpret the energies they represent and the subsequent effects on the occupants of the building.

The middle number represents the Period, the time aspect of the building according to the theory of San Yuan. Period is determined according to the 9 cycles of 20 year periods. Period is the date the building was constructed.

The Star on the left represents the Sitting or "Mountain" Star and governs the health aspects. A Mountain Star or Dragon is for people, health, relationships and fertility.

The Star on the right represents the Facing or "Water" Star and governs the wealth aspects. A Water Star or Dragon is for activity, wealth, status and opportunity.

Individual Mountain and Water Dragons can be auspicious or inauspicious. Combinations of Mountain and Water Dragons can be auspicious or inauspicious. These Dragons, whether individual or in combination, are also be affected by Period stars.

It is essential to appease the good Mountain and Water Dragons. It is essential to weaken the evil Mountain and Water Dragons.

Before we explore this further, let us examine the next Xuan Kong principle because now we will begin to get more technical.

"Xuan Kong opens what has to be opened and closes what has to be closed".

Using the same numbers as in the diagram above 7-6-3, both 7 and 3 need to be closed with Mountain. To explain this, let us first examine the following statement. "The Mountain Dragon does not go in the Water, the Water Dragon does not go up the Mountain".

Look upon the Stars at the left and right side of the Period Star as real animals. It means, a Mountain Dragon relies on air and hates to swim. It would drown in Water. The Water Dragon is a cute little animal that loves to swim. If you put it on land it would have to fight for his life.

Good Mountain Stars must be put on a Mountain. Good Water Stars must be put in water. Evil Mountain Stars must be put in Water. Evil Water Stars must be put on a Mountain. Back to our combination of stars. The 7-Red Star is a good Mountain Dragon during Period 7 which is 1984 until the beginning of 2004. We have to give it Mountain for good health and fertility.
However, in this particular case we also need to give Mountain to the water dragon 3 because it is of an evil influence. Number 3 will only become auspicious after 2004. We know that the 3 is a Water Dragon and it likes to swim, but we also know the effect on wealth would then be detrimental. So, rather than giving it Water to strengthen it, we put it on a Mountain to weaken it.
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Ming Tang (Bright Hall)

Ming Tang is a spot where qi is alive, active, retained and accumulated. Ming Tang is yang in nature. Ming Tang is a collecting and producing spot for good sheng qi. Ming Tang is usually used at the facing side of a building, but Ming Tang can be built into any room.

In ancient China, Ming Tang was often a central courtyard built externally, but within the confines of a buildings structure. It was essentially an open courtyard enclosed by the square of a building.

The 24 Mountains

When you take a compass reading of your facing it is not sufficient to say that your house is facing north. North is 45 degrees in whole, but can be further devided into three smaller sections of 15 degrees each. These smaller segments are called Mountains. A compass has 8 directions times 3 Mountains is 24.