Parchment Paper For Spellcrafting and More

Parchment paper is used often in magic. Some people even create their own personal book of shadows, entirely out of individual pieces of parchment paper. Parchment paper is also used for writing magic symbols or talismans, writing magic rituals, parchment paper is even used for spellcrafting and writing affirmations. In manifesting ones desires (magic), anything that is effective in  helping to get your mind in that special frame or state, is a worthwhile addition to your magical supply.

Parchment like, stiffer weight, 8 1/2" x 11" sized paper, in pale cream color.  The perfect tool for spell casting, petitions, and making talismans!  Comes in packages of 5 sheets, with our label, and some basic magical uses on the back.  

Parchment Paper $2.49 Pkg of 5 sheets
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Ritual Tools And Supplies - Spellcraft Supplies For Modern Pagans, Wiccans, Magicians, Mystics, And Seekers, Alike! Turkey Quill Feather Pens & Parchment Paper. Perfect for spellcraft, writing magic rituals, talismas, symbols, or writing in your own personal book of shadows.
Grandpa's General Store Occult Supplies Unique Gifts & Metaphysical Shop - Spellcraft Supplies - Quill Feather Pens & Parchment Paper for writing rituals,magic spellcraft, symbols,talismans, or personal book of shadows.
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Here, in spellcraft writing tools,  you will find your
personal blank book of shadows, magical inks
(Dragon's Blood and Dove's Blood), Turkey Quill
Feather Pens, and Parchment Paper.
Each of these magic tools are like theatrical "props", and can help to get you in the right mood or state of mind.  Magic is in the mind and these magic tools can help to add power to your rituals, and  help to make your magical endeavors that much more successful.
Our little dragon is telling you he is in his favorite spot: Spellcraft and Ritual Supplies-This page is Turkey Quill Feather Pens, & Parchment Paper. These are great for Spellcrafting, writing your spells in your book of shadows, charms, talismans, etc.
Turkey Quill Feather Pens

Man has been using quill feather pens for well over a thousand years, now. The origin of the word pen actually has Latin roots. The Latin word penna, means feather, hence pen.
The quill feather pen is the perfect thing to write your words of magick or draw your personal symbols. 

Our Turkey Feather Quills

Brightly colored quills for penmaking .They come ready to trim and use with your magick inks. The quill feather pens, shown here, are all natural, being simple turkey feathers, that range is size from about 9" to 12" long.  Just use the feather pens as they are for thicker lines, or cut the quill with a sharp knife, at a slight angle to get a thiner line. 

Quill feather pen colors currently available are white, black, purple, green and hot pink. Each feather pen comes packaged with our label and basic quill trimming instruction, with pictures, on the back.       
Turkey Quill Feather Pens $1.79 Each
Grandpa's Magic & Spellcraft Writing Materials Turkey Quill Feather Pens & Parchment Paper
Click For Larger Image - Ivory Parchment Paper - Perfect for writing in your personal book of shadows, spellcrafting, making magic symbols, etc.
Looking for a personal  blank Book of Shadows? 
Want to know about the magical & metaphysical use
of colors?
Need some magical inks? How about Dove's Blood or Dragon's Blood?
Need some special color of candles to go with that spell?
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Parchment Paper
Turkey Quill Feather Pens - Just right for writing your magic spells in your personal book of shadows, or for creatiing petitions, talismans, or magic symbols.The feather pens come in white, black, purple, green and hot pink.
Grandpa's Parchment Paper-comes in 5 sheets of heavy 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper, labeled with some basic uses for parchment paper on the back.
Grandpa's Feather Pens-Turkey Quill Feather Pens, come packaged, with basic trimming instructions (how to make your quill pen), with pictures, on the back of the package.