Luna-Terra Cotta Lady In The Moon Plaque. Comes with her own built in hanging hole, so you can put her almost anywhere!
Unique Gifts-Unique Gifts From Around The World! Unusual gifts and special buys. Unique gift ideas for special people in your life. Ceramic Terra Cotta Lady In The Moon Wall Plaque. Luna goddess wall hanging. Lady in the moon home decor.
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  Red Terra Cotta Lady In The Moon     
Ceramic Luna Wall Plaque     

We love this whimsical woman in the moon face wall plaque, and hope
you will, too!
Made from Mexican terra cotta, our beautiful ceramic lady in the
moon measures about 9 inches, across. She comes with a nifty hanging
hole, so you can put her just about anywhere you can hang a nail! 
Luna can go almost anywhere you have a mind to place her, from the
living room wall, bathroom, kitchen, even outdoors.

Please do note, that our Lady in the Moon, is made of unsealed
terra cotta ceramic. That is, very slowly over time, the terra cotta will eventually erode, if exposed to the elements. It is still quite durable, but think twice, about placing her in the garden, unless you coat her with a clear sealant,

TC194      9inch Terra Cotta Lady In The Moon Plaque $26.95
Lady Moon Plaque
Updated March 29, 2004   
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