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Prosperity Water Fountain Kits

Water fountains have held people spellbound for centuries, if not eons. 

In Feng Shui, the water fountain enhances the flow of chi or energy. Placed in the proper area, water is said to enhance prosperity.  

Have you ever noticed a small water fountain on the counter of a Chinese restaurant? Perhaps the red globe over the cash register.  These are items used in feng shui to enhance wealth. You could enact the same ideas of having water fountains be a part of your wealth area or bringing  fortune to your door.

Looking for a unique water fountain? Try our feng shui prosperity fountain kits!

Feng Shui Prosperity Fountain Kits

The Feng Shui Prosperity Fountain Kit, comes boxed with the "basic essentials" for building your new prosperity fountain! The fountain kits include a
13-1/2 inch diameter ceramic bowl specially designed for fountain building, pull tie for securing the pump cord, Eden pump UL approved submersible pump, poly-plastic spout, Instructions & Ideas sheet.
The prosperity fountains bowl, comes with a fish designed in relief, on the interior of the bowl.  The fish is a symbol of wealth and prosperity and is used often in Feng Shui.

Designing Your Custom Feng Shui Fountain

Below, you can see just a few of the design possibilities, when you make your own prosperity fountain from our water fountain kits! Each feng shui prosperity fountain kit comes with photographs, to use for ideas, and complete instructions for the set up and care of your fountain.
Making your own water fountain, allows you a very special way to express your individuality and it is just too much fun!   
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Grandpa's Table Top Water Fountain Kits

What you will need to complete your prosperity fountain

Find a couple of interesting rocks(try to find at least one with a flat side to it), a few pebbles or crystals and maybe a little silk greenery or an air plant. You could also use a sea shell, or a piece of bamboo, the ideas are limitless!

What I Did With My Prosperity Fountain Kit

For my prosperity fountain, I took a little drive, and picked up a few rocks on the side of the road. 

I washed them all, and then picked the rocks I thought would look nice for my fountain.  I also came across a very small piece of driftwood, that lent a "natural" look to my fountain, and a piece of amethyst crystal to give it some color and spiritual energy.

I got a little silk stalk of greenery for 50 cents from the "nameless" local department store, and a bag of flat glass stones.

It took me about 30 minutes to put it together and everyone complimented me on my great fountain.  All of the trimmings for my prosperity fountain did not even come to $5.00! 

The best part about these fountain kits is, every time I take the fountain apart to clean, it looks even better when I put it back together.  It just improves with time! (For those that want it to look the same, every time, just use a little hot glue on your rocks as you put them together, to hold it all in place.)
If fountains are in stock, they will usually ship in 2-4 days. If they are not in stock, please, allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery of fountains and fountain kits. Feel free to email us, for availability!

Need some glass pebbles to go with your fountain kit? 
Click here, to see our selection of glass rocks, or accent marbles for fountains. They look great in all our table top water fountains!
Prosperity Fountain Kits -Click To See Larger Image Of Finished Black Fountain Kit! These prosperity water fountain kits look great on the tabletop, or countertop! Water fountain kits make great metaphysical gifts, too.
Prosperity Fountain Kits -Click To See A Larger Picture Of A Finished Fountain Kit! These water fountain kits look great on the table top, or counter top! Improve the chi of your environment with these unique water fountain kits. Make great metaphysical gifts, too!
Water Fountain kits- Click To See A Larger Image Of The Feng Shui Fountain Kit! The feng shui prosperity fountains are said to enhance positive chi, activating prosperity and wealth energy in the area. Water fountain kits are great. These prosperity water fountain kits allow you much creativity and the ability to have truly unique water fountains, each one, is one of a kind!
Click To See A Larger Image Of The Green Feng Shui Fountain Kit Bowl! Prosperity water fountains are said to enhance positive chi or energy and placed in the wealth sector of the office or home, will bring enhance that area of your life. Try a prosperity water fountain kit, today.
Above, are pictured the prosperity fountain kit(left) in black, and the bowl included in the green fountain kit(right). Click on a picture to see a larger image. This will open a new window. Close it, to return here.

The Fountain Kits Come With...
The water fountain kits come boxed with the "basic essentials" for building your new prosperity fountain! Included in the kit are bowl & UL pump. Bowls measure approximately 13 1/2" across and 2 inches deep (inside). Fountain kits also come with basic instructions and some pictures for design ideas.
Fountains are available in Green, only, at this time. Rocks and plants are not included in the Prosperity Fountain Kits.

MWFSFKGR Green Feng Shui Properity Fountain Kit
$99.95    (Limited Availability)
Sorry Sold Out-More in 2005
Green Water Fountain Kits