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Serenity Water Fountain

Water fountains have held people spellbound for centuries, if not eons.  In Feng Shui, the water fountain enhances the flow of chi or energy. Placed in the proper area, moving water is said to enhance prosperity.   Have you ever noticed a small water fountain on the counter of a Chinese restaurant or a red globe above the cash register? You could enact the same ideas by having moving water be a part of your wealth area or bring it to your door, with our serenity fountain!
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Get your feng shui fountains at Grandpa's Gifts From Around The World. Serenity fountain, table top fountain, feng shui fountain. We have table top fountains for many needs. Our table top fountains make great metaphysical gifts, too!
Serenity fountains
The serenity fountain is pretty cool!  The stone look ball spins around as the water flows from beneath it.  I suppose you could probably substitute a real stone ball, as many of the more expensive models have, and still have the same effect.
The ageless look of mountain rock is the focal point of this serenity fountain.  A fine piece to add calm to your office or den.  Main fountain is Alabastrite.  The globe is of stone look plastic.  Comes with UL approved submersible pump and package of polished "river stone".

30236  Serenity Fountain  11 5/8" diam. x 8 1/4" high. $69.95
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Shipping costs will be deducted on your confirmation email.  You will only be charged for the fountain + $2.00 insurance for this item.
Serenity Fountain
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Serenity Fountain - The round globe spins around on this table top serentiy water fountain, very cool. Our table top fountains will enhance almost any decor and make fine metaphysical gifts, too!
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