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Learn About Astrology

Did you ever want to know where you were heading in life, what was in store just down the road? Astrology can definitely show you the trends in your life, some say even predict events to come in your future!

People have been studying the stars in the sky for thousands of years. Astronomers were once also astrologers, people who could foretell the future, simply by studying the movement of the planets and luminaries.

astrology text  Free Astrology Information Learn About Astrology At Grandpa's & Get Free Daily Horoscopes

The astrology on our learn stuff pages will help reveal much more about you than any horoscope you might read about in the newspaper and the information is free and at your fingertips.

I invite you to peruse at your leisure, pick and choose, what you want to learn about this fascinating subject!

Astrology articles marked with (OS) will open a link to another web site. Just close the window to return here! Also, many sites have returned to the cosmos. When avaialbe, their links go to the 'wayback machine' copy or have been replaced with new sites.

Astrology 1 ~ The Basics And Some Fun Stuff

Get Free Horoscopes!

Each of these horoscopes will reveal fascinating information about you, put in different ways.

You may even find some conflicting details, so to begin with, I suggest you try the Western or "American" horoscope.

After you feel you understand that chart, try another and see what other insights you discover!


Astrology 2 ~ More Advanced Topics

Astrology Software Links

A Note: I used to be an affiliate for Matrix Software and I have personally purchased John Halloran's software, but I do not receive any compensation from either of these companies.

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