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Below, you can enter your birth information and the program will create your own personal horoscope for the moment of your birth. Before you begin, you will need 4 things: your birthdate, the latitude and longitude of your birth place, and the time, including time zone.

Obviously, you probably know your birthday. wink smilie

You can get the longitude and latitude information easily from this Time-zone Atlas at All you need to do is select the part of the world you want to search and enter the city. Their system will look for all possibilities and you just find the one you want. Then, write down the coordinates and come back here and enter them into the form. It shouldn't take more than a minute or two, tops.

The time needs to be entered as military time. This means adding 12 to any hour in the pm. So, if you were born at 5:45pm, you would enter (5+12=17) 17:45. Morning times (am) stay just as they are. If you were born at 12:00 noon, you need to enter 12:01. 12:00 is reserved for unknnown birth times.

If you are not sure of your time zone, you can go to enter your city and a pin will show up on the map. My city, Ordway, Colorado, does not show up. The nearest city it shows is Colorado Springs, which is in the same time zone, so it's perfect. -6 hours MDT. This also took less than a minute.

Once you have that information, you just enter it into the form and click the button. Your custom horoscope will be ready in just a few seconds!

We DO NOT store ANY information that you enter here. This is all between you and you. wink smilie The information you enter is stored in cookies, until you close your browser.


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