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What Is Astrology?
What Can It Do For Me?

About Astrology ~ What is Astrology?

Once upon a time, long, long ago... Somebody came to the conclusion that the position of the stars, planets, and luminaries in the sky mystically influenced our life on Earth.

The visible stars in the sky were divided into 12 constellations and these constellations were named. The 12 constellations  were called "The Signs" and together they formed what is called the Zodiac.

The study of how the position of the stars, planets, and luminaries influence, or mirror, life on Earth is called astrology.

A chart of where the planets, Sun, & Moon are located in the zodiac, at any given moment, is called a Horoscope.

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Different Kinds Of Horoscopes And Astrology

The astrology that you see in the newspapers is called Sun Sign astrology. These horoscope predictions are so general that they affect every person born in an entire month. Sun sign astrology is not very specific.

A horoscope of the precise moment you were born is called a natal horoscope. These are fascinating and very detailed so that an astrologer can be more specific about YOU, rather than everyone born the same month.

Using Natal astrology, your natal horoscope can be used to find answers to your important questions, such as:

And just about any other questions about your life that you can think up!

Two people can have a synestry horoscope made that will show how compatible they are, energetically.

A horoscope can be made for the precise moment a question is asked, to find the answer to the question. This is called an Horary chart.

There are also Eastern and Western styles of astrology that use different rules, zodiacs, and positions of the planets. For simplicity sake, most of what you find at Grandpa's is western astrology. We do have a Chinese Horoscope Calculator and there are some links to articles about Vedic astrology, but mostly Grandpa's information is about western astrology.

Astrology is also used for many other things, such as:

These are just a few of the interesting ways that astrology is used to help improve our life on Earth.

Most of the astrology information on Grandpa's is over 20 years old. Much has changed on planet Earth and we have evolved, as well. Today (2019), astrology is more about the energies in play at any given moment. By becoming aligned with the energies, our lives can flow more easily. My take is that there is nothing that you cannot do, or be, or have, if you really want it and you are in balance around the subject. Astrology can show us the energies that were in play the moment we were born, some of the talents we came in with, and the easiest path to create what we want.

If you would like to get a free horoscope or learn more about astrology, why not hop back to our main astrology page and peruse a few more astrology articles!


The astrology information we provide here is for entertainment purposes only. Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page for more.

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