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Grandpa's Bulk Cone Incense

Bags of 200 Grandpa's Cone Incense, Made in America. Once you try it, you'll keep coming back for more! This has been one of the most popular incenses for Grandpa's General Store since we opened in 1996.  Our most popular fragrances? Baltic Amber, Highland Heather, and Sandalwood!
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Last updated September 4, 2004 
To add a cone incense fragrance to your basket, simply click on the box to the left of the fragrance you wish to add, change the number to the quantity you wish to add. Then, when you have selected all the fragrances you wish, click on the "add to your shopping cart" button.
Grandpa's Cone Incense, Just $7.00 For A 200 Cone Bag!

Baltic Amber Cones
Canadian Balsam Cones
Ceylon Spice Trader Cones
Hawaiin Plumeria Cones
Highland Heather Cones
Mountain Rain Cones
Mysore Sandalwood Cones
Orange Blossom Cones
Tea Rose Cones
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Grandpa's Bulk Cone Incense

This cone incense is made right here in the USA with a combination of essential oils and fragrance oils. They are a great air freshener, covering powerful odors like smoke, or fish. Fragrance is great for changing moods, as in aromatherapy.
Grandpa's incense cones may be burned in any cone incense burner, but we also use them in German "smokers". Grandpa's bulk cones come in a re-sealable bag with basic burning instructions on the back. Each bag has 200 cones.

Magical Incense Use

Although each cone incense fragrance may be burned purely for pleasure, most scents have their own energy that can be used in magic, as well. The only difference is "the intent". If you are not interested in magic, try our cones for the wonderful fragrance!

Here are just a few metaphysical or magical uses for our incense cones:

IN-BALTIC  Baltic Amber Incense Cones-Lovely euphoric smell! Healing, soothing, harmonizing, and balancing.

IN-CANADA   Candian Balsam Incense Cones-Cleansing pine type scent. Used for Healing, protection, & prosperity.  Peaceful and balancing.

IN-CEYLON   Ceylon Spice Trader Incense Cones-A taste of the orient, with an orange/clove overtone.

IN-HAWAI   Hawaiian Plumeria Incense Cones-Otherwise known as Frangipani, the flower of Hawaiin leis. Used for Love.

IN-HIGH   Highland Heather Incense Cones -used for protection, luck, rainmaking, & to conjure up ghosts.

NEW! IN-MRAIN  Mountain Rain Incense Cones-Clean fresh scent.

IN-MYSORE   Mysore Sandalwood Incense Cones-Great for Protection, healing, wishes, exorcism, contacting the other side..

IN-ORANGE   Orange Blossom Incense Cones-For Love, lust, divination, and money. Orange Blossoms are traditional flowers for marriage.

IN-TEA  Tea Rose Incense Cones-For Love, luck, healing, protection, and divination.

Need lots of just one incense fragrance? At our price, you could even sell some cones and make a  profit!

Grandpa's Incense Cones $7.00 each
1 bag of 200 incense cones in a re-sealable bag
Never leave incense burning unattended
Grandpa's Incense Cones-Made in America-Quality Inexpensive Incense Cones
Grandpa's Incense Cones will burn for about 30-45 minutes each, filling the air with their wonderful fragrance. 
This Page-Grandpa's Incense Cones-Inexpensive American Made Cone Incense
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