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Lures & Stuff
Sven & Ole's Miracle * Fishing Loors
Miracle Lutefisk Lures 

These are also known as Miracle Lutefisk** Lures.
Each Miracle fishing loor, comes with instructions, in Sven & Ole's own words, about how they came up with the idea for the lure, and  how well it works. They also provide the fisherman with tips, on how to use the Miracle Fishing Lures to their best advantage.

These Miracle Fishing Loors (Sven & Ole's spelling), are located on our bargain pages, not because there is anything wrong with them, not because they are cheap, but because they are VERY limited in supply.
We are
working on replenishing our supply, but there is no guarantee that we will ever have ANY more, in the future.

I will try to keep the page updated, so that you will know which lures are still available. You can always email, just to be sure, if you just have to have one.

*Miracle Fishing Lure? Yes, it is a miracle fishing lure, because:
"It's a miracle, if you catch anything!"

**Lutefisk? What is lutefisk? If you have never had lutefisk, I will let you in on a little secret... Just say no!
Lutefisk is the National dish of Norway, but even most Norwegians  gave it up, long ago, unless they live in Wisconsin. :)
Basically, lutefisk is smelly dried fish, soaked in lye (yes, she said, LYE), and gently baked to a mush. This produces an unmistakable pulp of jello like character, but some say is quite tasty, although NOBODY eats it more than once a year...
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