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Grandpa's Bargain Pages   
Jokes, Gags, Funny Gifts,    
Over The Hill, Etc.   

Laughter is always a bargain!


Please, read the gag descriptions, as some will be new, some will be limited, and some joks may be damaged. Here, you will find some unusual gifts, gags, and jokes. Not all of them will be bargains. Some are just limited in supply. When they are gone,  they are gone.

We will not try to rip you off. Please, read the gags description carefully. If something is used or damaged, the description will say so, plainly.

Any word that is underlined will take you to another page with more descriptions of the jokes or gags,  and/or pictures, if available.

These pages will be changed frequently. Grandpa's has always been known for great jokes and gag gifts, as well as metaphysical products, go figure. We have a rather extensive inventory of jokes and gags,  available. If you do not see what you are looking for, feel free to email us. We may have that item in stock, right now!

These items are here, with the intention of bringing a smile to your face and, used as described, are relatively harmless.
Certain items may be distasteful to some. If you are easily offended, please, do not read further and do not email us about the lack of spirituality in our gags and jokes. We all have our own path to walk in our own time.

Sven & Ole's Miracle Fishing Loors    
Moved To the Gift Section

The Famous Digital Bass Plug-
The Flying Pig-
The Flying Santa-
The Hail Mary Play-
The Spinning Swede-
Sven & Ole's Miracle Fishing Loors $9.95 each

Certificate Gags -click for more info

Parking Tickets -Pad of 25 -New- $1.49 per pad
Backseat Drivers License -New- 75 cents each

Smelly Jokes -click for more info

Fart Spray-New-2oz. can - $2.95 each
Poo Pen -New- Carded - $1.95 each
All Items on this page are not returnable, and are not eligible for free shipping. To read about our bargain pages shipping policy, click here.
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