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These are great little bags, for storing crystals, carrying amulets, herbs, magick spell bags, making mojo bags, etc.
The leather bags are made of genuine suede, are soft and pliable. They measure about 3" wide  x 4" long, and have a black drawstring cord, with a black bead at each end, making the pouches open and close, that much easier.
Sizes may vary, ever so slightly. Our genuine suede drawstring pouches come in two colors, at the moment: Brown and Charcoal Gray. Click on the image, above,  for a larger view.

BGSDB   Brown 3" x 4" Suede Drawstring Bag  $3.79 each
BGSDC   Charcoal 3" x 4" Suede Drawstring Bag  $3.79 each
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Last Updated September 20, 2004        
Ritual Tools ~ Spellcraft
Leather Spell Bags
Small Suede Drawstring Pouches

Many spells call for a cloth or leather bag, or pouch, to put herbs or
other ingredients into, when working the magick spell. These are great little genuine suede leather bags, perfect for amulet bags or mojo bags.
These little leather drawstring bags are also great for safekeeping crystals,  and small pieces of jewelry, too!
To add bags to your basket, click on the appropriate boxes and change the numbers to the number of items you wish to order. Then, click on the shopping cart button!
Brown Suede Bag
Charcoal Suede Bag
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Real Genuine Suede Drawstring Bags. These cool little pouches can be used as coin purses, for mad money, amulet bags, mojo bags, spell bags, crystal pouches, and more. They are soft and supple, too!
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