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Free New Age, Metaphysical, & Spiritual Information Online!
Learn Image-Grandpa's Free Learn Stuff Pages. Learn about arts & crafts, how to make jewelry, how incense is made, and much more! Free wicca, pagan, witchcraft, mystic, and spiritual information online. FREE craft information online. Be sure to visit our store, too! Not just chock full of Pagan supplies, we also have new age and metaphysical gifts for seekers on many paths. Free tarot readings online and free astrology, psychic tests, and more. Lots of free pagan and metaphysical things to do online. How To articles home made crafts.


Free Arts & Crafts Information!
Learn How To Make Crafts

Arts & Crafts?

Maybe you remember making hand prints in kindergarten out of plaster of paris, or ironing crayon chips with fall leaves between 2 sheets of waxed paper. Did you make your very own candles in summer school, snowflakes from tissue paper, macaroni necklaces, or construction paper valentines?

All of these things fall under the category of arts & crafts.

My mom thought arts & crafts were very important (still does). We made "unique" fish print paintings from rolling ink over exotic fish (that had passed on at Marineland) and pressing the fish onto blank paper. We dyed our own wool with beets, colored Easter eggs with onion skins, made hand puppets from old toilet paper rolls, felt, and styrofoam. Christmas time might mean making a Santa pinata from liquid starch and newspaper strips, or perhaps, making bread dough tree ornaments.  The crafts cupboard always had clay, paper, paints, crayons, whatever we needed. We were very lucky kids in that way.

Using your creativity to make something fun, beautiful, or useful, is one of the most spiritual things you can do. It doesn't matter if you think you aren't very creative, you don't have money, or you don't have time. You can always find a little time to do something really fun, some crafts don't cost a thing to make, and it doesn't matter how "good" it turns out as long as you have fun doing it!

Would you like to know how to make your own jewelry, home made candles, make incense, perfume oils, etc., as well as some easy and fun crafts to do with smallerkin?

We hope to be able to bring you lots of fun articles with easy instructions for similar fun crafts projects, as well as articles about how some crafts are made in general.

Have Fun!

PS If you already know how to make some fun crafts, would you like to be able to share them here? Click here, to find out about sharing your arts & crafts project!

pumpkin carving picture-learn how to make arts & crafts for free! New age, metaphysical, and Pagan arts and crafts projects with instructions. Learn to make your own beaded jewelry, magical bread, how to make incense, and much more!

Learn How To Make Crafts
How To Instructions & Articles

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Now that you have learned a little about arts & crafts, perhaps you would like to get a few items for your own craft cupboard...

Grandpa's General Store offers craft supplies! We offer blank incense sticks and cones, colored sand, and henna tattoo kits in our crafts department. We also carry a wide selection of pure essential oils, perfume oils, and herbs for making home made bath salts, herbal baths, sachets, and more! Oils and herbs are located in their own departments.

Click here, to go to our crafts department now! You can also visit our store at anytime by clicking on the word shop, at the top of any page.

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Love and Peace,
Erin Gjertsen