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Saturday, November 05 2011 @ 01:15 PM

Magic Bread

Crafts-Magical RecipesThis Recipe was given to me by a Young Gentleman from Romania, he translated it into English, so that I could make it....This is "Finns" mother's recipe. Her name was Maria....she raised ten children in the communist Country of Romania.... Their Family was not allowed food or privilages, because they were say "Christian" Finn's Father was not allowed to work...his mother, with all those children...made due...and this is the best bread you will ever eat, it came from the heart from a woman of passion....oh and stangely enough....all the ingrdients are in 13 sixes and threes....enjoy..you will see and feel the majik

13 cups flour
6 tbs yeast
3 tbs sugar
3 tbs salt
3 tbs oil

Well a 5 lb bag of flour is 13 cups...hmmmm
Put flour in a large bowel and make a well in the center

Measure 2 cups of hot tap water....add yeast and sugar....let set for 30 minutes

Measure 3 cups of hot water and add salt and oil. let disolve for 30 minutes

Add yeast and oil mixture to flour and stir....knead untill the dough crackles and pops.....doesn't take long...

Let Rise 30 minutes Punch down
Let rise 30 more minutes....punch down and make 6 loaves....Put dough in bread pans or let rise on baking stones...that's what I use...

Let rise 30 min..Preheat oven to 350 deg
Bake for 45 minutes...or untill brown on bottom and top

Ya gotta love this bread....Maria did, and she fed her children.....

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Magic Bread
Authored by: grand66 on Sunday, October 02 2011 @ 09:41 AM
I am a regular reader of your blog. After my retirement, cooking is my main hobby. I like trying new dishes every weekend. I found this recipe an interesting one as I think my grandchildren will like this magic bread. I think all those ingredients that are required for making the magic bread are currently available in my kitchen and so it won't be difficult for me to make it this weekend. I have read the cooking procedures and found it is not that much complicated. Once my friend called me to Cincinnati Dining to which I was not able to attend. Everyone can easily make this dish at home.

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