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The Magic Wand

As a ritual tool, the Magic Wand has a history that goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years.  It is used in many pagan/spiritual paths, primarily to direct energies during magic rituals.  A magic wand held upright may be used to call or invoke the chosen deity(s), spirits,  or Watchtowers to be present during the ritual.

In traditional Witchcraft, as well  in some other Pagan paths, one may use the wand to draw the "magic circle", which creates a sacred space. The wand may also be used to draw magic symbols and as a focal point for directing magical energy.  The energy will be released in the direction the magic wand is pointed.

In Wicca, the magic wand is related to the element of Air. Some other paths relate the wand to the element of fire. In some ceremonial paths, you cannot work without a magic wand, and in others, no wand is necessary. 

Many paths use magick wands made of different types of wood, some are made of crystal/stone, some of metal, and then some are any combination of these. Many magick wands will be decorated with symbols, beads, stones, wrapped with leather and feathers attached, as well. This all depending on the owners personal taste, use and the chosen path.
Some magick wands are called healing wands and have been used for directing energy from, drawing negative energy out of the sick body. These are commonly made of crystal or metal, or a combination of the two.
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Crystal Wand
Wood, Clay, and Crystal Magick Wand

These are attractive little magic wands made reclaimed wood, wrapped and decorated in fired clay.  They come assorted, each with a little "critter" and decorated with assorted tumbled gemstones.  There is a crystal point at each end.  No two are alike.  If you want us to mystically pick one for you, just put that in the comments section and we will do our best, to find just the right one for you! The magick wands are about 5 1/2 to 7 inches long, varying from piece to piece.

RWWCC Wood Clay and Crystal Wand   $7.95 each
Wood, Clay, and Crystal Wand.  These magick wands can be used in many pagan paths for directing energy, spellcraft, calling deity, spirits, and guardians. Witches will use the magic wand as an elemental tool, representing the air element, and in casting the magic circle.
If you would like instructions, for making your own magick wand, go to our Home Page, and click on Learn Stuff.  Then go to the Book of Shadows.