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The Trunes © Larry Cooper 2001
Synegram Symbol©Larry Cooper 2001
Used with permission  
Psychic & Divination Store - The Trunes Divination System- A divination tool uncomplicated enough for the beginner on one level, yet complex enough to be of great interest and use to the adept or experienced reader on another.
Synegram Symbol copyright Larry Cooper 2001 - Get your Trunes Divination System and other psychic tools at our Divination Store.
Welcome to the Trunes Divination System!

The Trunes are a great occultist's tool. They were created using a correspondence table across the Hebrew, Ogham, and Runic magical alphabets and converting that table into an exciting divinatory, magickal and occultist's tool.  The Trunes are a set of 27 wood die, inscribed with 3 magical alphabets.

Anyone interested in esotericism (the perennial wisdom) is capable of using the Trunes.  The Trunes offer something to people at all experiential levels, from novice to master. The Trunes, in use, are amazingly simple to use and wonderfully full and rich in prognostications and analysis of people, energies and events. They are also a wonderful tool for becoming closer to experiencing one's true inner self.

There are many ways to use the Trunes. The most common is to have the inquirer focus on a question, issue or concern and a number between 1 and 10 (for using more than 10 Trunes is rewarding but time consuming).  Then, have them reach into the Trune Bag and blindly pick Trunes in the number they had previously specified.  They would then throw them, like dice, onto the divining cloth, and the reader proceeds to answer the inquirer's question.  Through what we commonly call intuition, readers' knowledge is triggered by symbols.  Their skill is in being able to let those symbols trigger awareness, and gnosis - openness to self.  The use of the symbols, themselves, helps develop that skill.     
Trunes Divination System

Twenty-seven die, every side covered with a letter from the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the Runes and the Ogham tree system, three alphabets in 3 colors, and each die representing 3 different and interpretable hues of the same archetype.
The Trunes are color-coded, the Hebrew letters in black, the Runes in red and, of course, the Ogham Tree Alphabet in green.  They are hand printed, each set of three letters on their own individual die (each letter represented twice, of course, to account for the six sides of the die), winding up with twenty-seven die.

The Trune set includes the 27 Trunes, a satin carrying bag, a little booklet of instructions and the correspondence table that is the basis of the Trunes.  The table includes the drawn letters and the noun that each letter actually means - in the case of the Hebrew and Runes - and tree, in the case of the Ogham (the nouns and trees being a major key to the magickal significance of the letter).  Armed with the table and the booklet you should do well.

Also, every set of Trunes is charged personally by Larry Cooper with the energy of healing, helping and teaching.

TR27-Complete Trunes Divination System   $42.95
For a much more detailed account of the Trunes, how they work, how they can be used, and how they were conceived, click here.

If you get confused, stuck or have any questions concerning the Trunes or how to use them, please feel free to contact Larry Cooper by email
We are very sorry to discontinue the sale of Trunes.  Larry Cooper, the author, has passed over.