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The Trunes are a great occultist's tool.  I created a correspondence table across the Hebrew, Ogham and Runic magickal alphabets and converted that table into an exciting divinatory,  magickal and occultist's tool.  The tool is a set of 27 wood die inscribed with 3 magickaI alphabets.

The Trunes are both a training tool for the novice and a master tool for the adept.  And the benefit they impart is nothing less than the facilitation of the process of Soul - the process of becoming closer to experiencing one's inner self - inner vibration if you will - open throughput.

Being a diviner of many years, I have used many tools - Tarot, Indian Medicine Cards, Runes, The Ogham Tree Alphabet, and African Bones.  Using different sets of archetypes, I have noticed two things.  The first thing is that there are many archetypes common to all of what I consider to be valid systems.  This is, of course, as it should be.  A simple example should illustrate the point.

In the Tarot is the archetype of the Fool.  No matter what your particular interpretation, this archetype sets up its own particular vibration  within whoever relates to it.  Aleph, its corresponding Hebrew letter means Ox and represents the original motive force of the universe.  On one level the Fool means the very beginning of things, on another level it means the zero point of consciousness, which is also, in its way, the very beginning of things.  Continuing, in the system of the Nordic Runes is Fehu, which, literally translated, means cattle.  The similarity to the Fool and Ox cannot be denied.  In the Druidic tree alphabet there is the Birch tree, which, in that system, signifies beginnings.  Again, its similarity to the former archetypes is striking.

The second thing I noticed was this:  that when an "Archetype Synonym" (as I call the members of sets of three related archetypes, as above mentioned) would appear in a reading, it would evoke a slightly different intuitional response from my imagination, depending on the system I was using at the time.  For example, when the Fool appeared, I would usually get intimations about the deep consciousness of the queriant; when the Birch tree appeared, it would usually mean a fresh and wonderful beginning.  It could be the beginning of consciousness or of a series of events.  And when Fehu would appear, I would usually reminisce about some sort of deep primal origin.  All of these seemed to be different hues of the same color.

One day I thought:  why couldn't I develop a system that would allow me to take advantage of all these wonderful hues at the same time?  There was no reason that I couldn't so I did.
I used the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the Runes and the Ogham tree system, all, fundamentally, magical alphabets.  I created a correspondence table among the individual letters of the alphabets (using my own imagination as the source), each set of three being different hues of the same color or archetype.  (I wound up with twenty-seven sets of three, allowing for duplication due to the uneven amount of letters in the 3 alphabets.)  I color-coded the Hebrew letters in black, the Runes in red and, of course, the Ogham Tree Alphabet in green.  I then printed each set of three letters on their own individual die (each letter represented twice, of course, to account for the six sides of the die), winding up with twenty-seven die.

This then was the Trunes:  Twenty-seven die, every side covered with a letter from the three alphabets in 3 colors, and each die representing 3 different and interpretable hues of the same archetype!  I immediately thought, even before completing this project, that it would be much too complicated, as did all my friends.  But we were all wrong.  Not only did the Trunes prove themselves not to be too complicated but they were, in practice, amazingly simple to use and wonderfully full and rich in prognostications and analysis of people, energies and events.  Upon using them, I found there apparent complexity melt into beautiful simplicity and open up a new world of divinatory and mystical richness.
  I was already versed in the Tarot and added to that, merely, the knowledge of the names of the letters from of other two alphabets and their literal meaning (from which, I believe, the most profound interpretations of the letters is derived). 

The next step was in the method of the reading.  This part proved to be the easiest and most fun.  You can use them any way your imagination can come up with.  This is what I did.  I would have the querient focus on a question, issue or concern and a number between 1 and 10 (for using more than 10 Trunes is rewarding but time consuming).  I would then have them reach into the Trune Bag and blindly pick Trunes in the number they had previously specified.  They would then throw them, like dice, onto the divining cloth.  The reading would proceed as follows:

1)I would first read the configuration caused by the scattered Trunes as some natives of Africa read the Bones.

2)I would then look at the pattern of colors to see if there was, for example, only one red, black or green one.  If there was only one, I would usually consider that to be the focal point of the reading and the other Trunes to be modifiers.  Of course, you don't have to use this as a hard and fast rule.  As in any divinatory technique, you can do anything you want as long as you specify beforehand.

3)The next step would be to read the individual Trune symbols as you would perform any reading.

4)Next I would blend the symbols trying to see and intuit connections and relationships between and among the various Trunes, the colors, the distances apart and the configurations that they formed.

5)And on and on and on and on.  You can see that the possibilities are endless.

The above 5 steps in reading the Trunes are only the most meager guidelines.
If you get confused, stuck or have any questions concerning the Trunes or how to use them please feel free to
contact me by e-mail.

The Trune set includes the 27 Trunes, a satin carrying bag, a little booklet of instructions and the correspondence table that is the basis of the Trunes.  The table includes the drawn letters and the noun that each letter actually means - in the case of the Hebrew and Runes - and tree, in the case of the Ogham (the nouns and trees being a major key to the magickal significance of the letter).  Armed with the table and the booklet you should do well.
I charge every set I make with the energy of healing, helping and teaching.
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Welcome to the Trunes         Their Genesis(background)
How to use the Trunes          What is included in The Trunes
How do they work                 What level of experience is required? What else can I do?              How do I order my own set of Trunes?

How do the Trunes work?  The Trunes work through the stimulation, within one, of knowledge of universal truth triggered by multi-faceted, mnemonic, archetypal, magickal symbols.  The development of the ability to have this happen is the development of soul.
Through what we commonly call intuition, readers' knowledge is triggered by symbols.  Their skill is in being able to let those symbols trigger awareness, and gnosis - openness to self.  The use of the symbols, themselves, helps develop that skill.  This is the skill all true readers must learn - to access and experience themselves.  The more they do it the easier it becomes and the deeper they can go. Reading teaches reading; the more you stimulate the centers the more open they become.

The Trunes symbol system accomplish this better than most.  Because they are multi-faceted they bombard the dormant self, stimulating it to awaken.  The Trunes' different symbol systems accomplish something else also:  magickal alphabets are symbols for archetypal ideas; the symbols help us get in touch with those ideas.  In a multi-layered symbol system symbols can help one understand other symbols.  For example, say I understand or experience Aleph but not the Birch tree.  By committing to a correspondence system that has been magickally scryed in which, say, Birch has been corresponded to Aleph, I can begin to understand Birch by applying what I know about Aleph - also becoming  more and more aware of the subtle differences of meaning that would go along with the symbolic significance of the difference between the cultures involved and the actual symbols used, in this case trees instead of letters.

As opposed to other divination systems, the Trunes, because of their complexity (3 alphabets, 3 colors, the many possible physical juxtapositions they can have to one-another and other elements), can reveal very complex and multifaceted situations and realities.  When I was first developing them, the opinion of my friends and associates was that they were too complicated.  I thought so too.  As it turned out, however, their complexity seemed to flow easily into lucid and profound descriptions of whatever reality was being investigated.

What experience level is necessary to use the Trunes?  Anyone interested in esotericism (the perennial wisdom) is capable of using the Trunes.  As stated above, the Trunes offer something to people at all experiential levels, from novice to master. 

For example, a novice might start out by manipulating just one of the symbol systems in the Trunes.  Throwing the Trunes and turning them all to, say, the Hebrew letters, would be one way of doing this.  In this way he/she would be playing with the elements of the Tarot and their relation to each other. 

A more experienced reader or occultist, already versed in the Tarot, might begin by integrating the 1 or 2 other systems of the Trunes into his/her knowledge of the Tarot, thus deepening their knowledge of the occult in general.

If learning 3 symbol systems just starting out seems daunting, it needn't be. 
All one need do is remember one thing:  The simple noun names for the letters in all 3 alphabets are the major keys to the deeper meaning of the archetypes symbolized by the letters.  One can  memorize merely these noun names in order to learn about the archetypes and this would be sufficient - with one proviso:  the names must be meditated upon so that the true nature of the archetypes may be revealed.  In this regard books can help, but whole books on each symbol system need not be read, although it couldn't hurt.

Another advantage of the Trunes (one I hardly ever think of) is that you always have three separate systems with you.  So, if you decide that you only want to work with one system for a time, you can do that.

The Trune set includes the 27 Trunes, a satin carrying bag, a little booklet of instructions and the correspondence table that is the basis of the Trunes.  The table includes the drawn letters and the noun that each letter actually means - in the case of the Hebrew and Runes - and tree, in the case of the Ogham (the nouns and trees being a major key to the magickal significance of the letter).  Armed with the table and the booklet you should do well.

I charge every set I make with the energy of healing, helping and teaching.

TR27-Complete Trunes Divination System   $42.95
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Synegram Symbol copyright Larry Cooper 2001
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