Grandpa's Birth Star Report
(Yet to be re-named)

I have been talking about
adding this service for over
6 years, now. Well, we are
finally going to do it!

Our Natal Horoscope report
is clear and easy to read,
& all about you! We give you
clearly organized information
in an easy to read format.

Your sun sign, moon sign,
ascendant, and aspects, as
well a planets in signs and
houses are all discussed, in
detail, in your personal birth
star report.

Each personal report is
about 25 to 30 pages in
length, (unless your birth
time is unknown), and
includes a full page birth
chart created from your
unique birth information!

What we think is really cool,
compared to other reports,
it outlines which aspects
are most likely to impact
you the most, by the
aspects strength.
It even talks about the
balance (or imbalance) of
the elements in your
personal chart! 

We think it's a great report
for a first time venture into
the realm of astrology, but
can be useful to someone
who is more experienced,
as well!

Be sure not to miss out, on this one....Get yours today!
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A Special Gift For        
Our Newsletter Readers!        

This month, we will give you a complete natal horoscope,
FREE with any order over $15.00!

These are not just little 1 or 2 page horoscopes, either. Each
report averages about 30 pages in length, and will be selling
for $19.95 (still a bargain)! They are chock full of information
all about you, and what the stars say about the moment you were
born. Read more about your special report, to the left.

Why are we offering them to you for FREE, you say?
We would like to know what you think about this great new
service and would love to hear back from you, once you
receive your own report. It is not required, however. :)

Just enter the "mystic newsletter code words" below, and
add it to your cart  to get your free horoscope from Grandpa's!

All horoscopes will be emailed to you, when your order ships.
If you would prefer a hard copy of your report, just mention "Horoscope on CD"
in the comments section of the checkout form we will include your report (both in
RTF and TXT formats) recorded on CD with your order for an additional $1.50.

All Orders Must Be Placed "online" to receive this free offer.
If you have any difficulty with the form, simply place this information,
including the codewords, in the special comments section of the
checkout form. We will be happy to honor any of the "specials" in this way.

Feel free to share this page with friends! Remember to tell
them the special code words, too! :)
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