~ Bulk Song Of India Temple Incense~
~ Large Box ~ Jumbo Size Package~
~ Song Of India Box Of 120 Sticks ~
This jumbo size box is for the person who is crazy about Song Of India Temple Incense. The jumbo size box holds 120 sticks. That is the equivalent of 6 regular size packs!

Create A Pleasant Atmosphere Of Holy Temple, At Home.  Song Of India Temple Incense is an excellent incense blend that faithfully re-creates the fresh light smell of actual temples in India.
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Just The Facts:
This Jumbo or Bulk size box has 120 sticks of incense. Each stick of Song Of India Temple Incense is about 8 inches long.  The large box measures about 9"L x 3 1/2"W x 3/4" thick and is made of cardboard. The incense box is quite colorful and decorated with pretty spiritual pictures of India.

Song Of India Temple Incense sticks make a very nice gift for any incense lover and the package is so pretty!
A portion of this sale benefits needy children of India.

Jumbo Size Box
Song Of India Temple Incense 120    $12.99 each
Song Of India Temple Incense-Occult Shop And Metaphysical Supplies-The place to buy Song of India Temple Incense Sticks Imported From India. Stick Incense that smells like an Indian Temple. Hindu incense Indian Temple Sticks-Very Fine Song Of India Temple Incense Sticks Bulk Incense Sticks 120 count boxes Song Of India Jumbo
Jumbo Box-Large Quantity Incense-Bulk Size Boxes-Song Of India Temple Incense-Imported From India-Grandpa's General Store-The cool place to shop for unique gifts, occult and metaphysical supplies! Song Of India Temple Incense Sticks-Hindu Temple Natural Incense From India-smells like an Indian Temple Bulk Quantity Large Box Stick Incense
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Imported Incense Sticks
Song Of India Large Box
Bulk Temple Incense 120

Jumbo Size Temple Incense From India

Ok, if you found this page, you must already know about Song Of India Temple Incense. If not, the mystic aroma is specially formulated to smell like actual temples in India. you can learn all about it, here.

This page is for the fanatic, the person who just adores Song Of India Temple Incense! Here, you can buy Song of India Temple Incense in very large 120 stick boxes.
Jumbo, as in "bulk quantity", not actual size. The incense is just the same size, as always, but the number of sticks is 120.  That is the equivalent of 6 regular size packs! Enjoy!

Don't know how to burn stick incense? Read about how to burn incense, here!
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Last updated March 31, 2004  
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Jumbo Box Temple Incense
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Bulk Incense-120 Imported Incense Sticks-Jumbo Size Song Of India Temple Incense Sticks come 120 sticks to the package. The temple incense fragrance is said to smell just like the temples of India. We think the Song Of India Temple Incense smells just wonderful and the package is so pretty, you don't even need to gift wrap it! Song of India Temple Incense, for the flavor of India. Namaste!
Grandpa's Cool Tip:
Love the smell of temple incense?
You can give your clothes that aroma of far off exotic places by placing a closed box of incense in your closet, or in a dresser, near your clothes!
Please, be careful of delicate fabrics.
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