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The following pages relate to gift items, both the ordinary, and the unusual. Some of these will be deeply discounted because they are closeouts, discontinued, or slightly damaged or shopworn gifts. These will be true bargains.

Other gift items are quite unusual, and maybe we only have
one or two available. They may or may not be actual bargains. These gift items are on our bargain pages, because they are limited in quantity. When they are gone, they are gone.

As usual, any gift item on Grandpa's bargain pages is not
If something is damaged, it will say so, plainly.
Please, read the complete descriptions carefully. 
We won't try to rip you off. The description should tell you more than you need to
know about the particular item.  If you are still unsure, you
can always email us and ask, no problem.

These gift bargain pages will change frequently. If you have
had a hard time finding an item and you find it here, now is a
good time to purchase it. What was here, yesterday, may be
gone, today.

Any gift item that is underlined, will take you to a page with
more complete detailed information, and/or possible pictures
of the item.

If you are looking for more interesting gift items, be sure to
look through  the rest of the store. We have hundreds of
pages of items, many in our
"Unique Gifts From Around The World" section.

Grandpa's Bargain Gifts

Kokopelli Flute Player Statue
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Kokopelli is the playful, carefree, untamed spirit of nature possessed with wisdom and magic. Also a prankster, who is likely to trick you in order to bring humor to your world. We thought these were sold out, but came across ONE more. This very cool statue is brand new, comes in a box with a little "legend card", telling you about some of Kokopelli's many attributes.
Made of stone resin, it measures 2" x 2 3/8" x 5 1/2" high.

BARG29049 Kokopelli Statue $10.95

General Guan Yu Statue
(Opens a new window. Close it, to return here.)
Chinese Red Stone Figurine General Guan Yu, well-known for his loyalty, faithfulness, boldness and power, had been regarded as the peerless hero and raised to the level of quasi-religion and therefore worshiped as a Buddha from the Three Kingdoms period to the Sui Dynasty.

Charging bravely into battle, General Guan Ye is fearless and determined to rout the enemy and win the day. .  For Feng Shui, place this item where you want to repel evil or negative energy.

A VERY NICE PIECE! Lots of detail in Chinese red stone resin. Comes  in a green/white cardboard box, lined with golden yellow satin. Heavy and substantial, weighing over 5 lbs.
The figurine measures 8 1/2" x 2 3/4" x 8" high. This item is brand new, but has been in storage so the box has slight wear. These are available elsewhere for $29.95 and up.

BARG111 General Guan Yu On Horse
Bargain Sale Price $19.95

Southwestern Vase
(Opens a new window. Close it, to return here.)
This Southwestern vase has a unique, patchwork pattern design. Looks fabulous with an array of dried flowers! The vase is ceramic, wrapped in fabric, with a clear sealer over all. The vase measures about 6" x 4 3/8" high. Brand new, discontinued by our supplier.

BARG29276 Southwest Vase $5.95

Gift Coffee Mugs
Football Coffee Mug
"Football fanatic" mug. 11 oz. Porcelain coffee cup. New, in a plain white box.
BARG28322 Football Coffee Mug $3.95

Golf Coffee Mug
"Golf is not a matter of life and death..." or is it? Porcelain coffee cup- 11 oz. New, in a plain white box.
BARG28323  Golf Coffee Mug $3.95

Fishing Coffee Mug

"Wishin' for Fishin'" mug. 11 oz. porcelain coffee cup, New, in a plain white box.
BARG 28321  Fishing Coffee Mug $3.95

Miniature Raccoon With Glass Eyes

(Opens a new window. Close it, to return here.)
The bandit of the woodlands, this adorable raccoon is crafted in alabastrite. Glass eyes add a realistic touch. 5 1/8" x 3" x 2 1/2" high. This guy is cute and is brand new. They have been discontinued by our supplier. Regular retail is $9.95.

BARG24591 Miniature Raccoon
Bargain Sale Price $4.95

Black Angel Candle Holders
A pair of heavenly silhouettes hold their candles high. The largest angel is 10 1/4" high; the base is 3 1/2" diameter. Both are metal, with a black matte finish. Designed for standard taper (dinner) candles.
BARG25026  Black Angel Candle Holders $10.95 set

Sunset Votive Holder
Abstract trees grace the sides of this Fimo glass votive candle holder. With southwestern sunset colors, it's great for evenings on the patio. 4" diameter x 3 1/2" high.  May be used with votive candles or tealights.
BARG29247 Sunset Votive Holder $3.95

One Of A Kind Gift Ideas

Hand Carved Wooden Owl 
(Opens a new window. Close it, to return here.)
A beautifully detailed Snow Owl scans the icy horizon, perched on a real wood branch.
This owl figurine is hand-carved in wood, and hand-painted. The owl stands about 4 1/4" x 3" x 5 1/4"high, a great gift for owl
This item is new, and is no longer available from our supplier.

Barg-24556 Hand Carved Wood Owl
Bargain Sale Price $11.95
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Southwestern Vase
Football Coffee Mug
Golf Coffee Mug
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Sunset Votive Holder

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