Occult & Metaphysical Books-Here, you will find a selection of Occult & Metaphysical Annuals, including the 2003 Magical Almanac From Llewellyn. A wonderful source of information for correctly timing your magical endeavors.
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Llewellyn's 2003 Magical Almanac

Plan your days . . . magically!

Every day will sparkle with enchantment when you use Llewellyn's 2003
Magical Almanac as your guide.

Over the years, this little treasury of folklore, recipes, rituals, myths,
and meditations has become a trusted companion to practitioners of
various magical paths. The calendar section of the magical almanac
includes information on the Moon's sign and phase, traditional Pagan
holidays, and incense and color correspondences that will maximize the
energy of your workings. This invaluable magical resource also features
more than seventy insightful articles by your favorite authors, including:

Lovely Lavender by Chandra Moira Beal
Mermaids - Anna Franklin
The Magic of Dandelions - Nuala Drago
Lilith Rituals for Modern Pagans - Ellen Dugan
Bird Magic - Jonathan Keyes
Training Pets for Ritual - Cerridwen Iris Shea
A Whirling Dervish Meditation - Jim Weaver

Contributors also include: Karri Ann Allrich, Bernyce Barlow,
Marguerite Elsbeth, Kristin Madden, Edain McCoy, Ann Moura, Dr.
Jonn Mumford, deTraci Regula, Maria Kay Simms, Abby Willowroot.

C-MGALM03  Llewellyns' Magical Almanac For 2003  $7.95 each
384 pages-paper back

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Last Updated August 3, 2002        
Occult & Metaphysical Books  
Llewellyn's 2003 Magical Almanac
Magickal Almanacs & Annuals 

With 384 pages, over 70 articles on magick and metaphysics, as well as
a full years calendar with daily colors, incense, moon sign and phase,
this magical almanac is a must have, for anyone interested in correctly
timing their magick spells, and rituals.


Magic Almanac 2003
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Llewellyn's 2003 Magical Almanac-A great resource-ritual tools for perfect magical timing-includes calendar with daily incense, color, moon sign, and moon phases, too. A great gift for your magical friend!