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The Magical I Ching  (Click for picture-Opens new window)
by: J.H. Brennan
It's one of the oldest books on Earth, and it has a message for you. The I Ching is a mystical collection of ancient wisdom, generally explained as a simple look-up-the-answer method of fortune telling. Now, J.H. Brennan reveals to Western practitioners the magical spiritual techniques behind this most ancient oracle, in The Magical I Ching.

This is a unique, exciting, and easy-to-use version of the ancient oracle. Using the information in The Magical I Ching, you will be able to contact the spirit sage waiting to tell you the inner meaning of any of the six-line symbols you bring forth (the hexagrams) and how that meaning can change your life.

The Magical I Ching explains the history of the I Ching and how to develop the symbols by using several different methods, including using six sticks or wands, sixty-four wands, eight coins, or the popular three-coin technique. The book analyzes each of the possible sixty-four hexagrams that form the basis of the oracle, in clear, modern language anyone can understand.

That is just the beginning. The I Ching has survived for so long because of its spirituality. You'll learn how to use the book to enter astral doorways to mystic realms of reality. It will allow you to create a new framework for operations of real magic. You'll probe the deepest mysteries of Eastern esoteric thought. It even shows you ways to put your life on a new and better course.

After 5,000 years, the I Ching remains one of the most popular sources of
spiritual wisdom in the world. If it puzzled you in the past, you'll be able to
understand it at the deepest level possible when you read The Magical I Ching.
7 1/2" x 9 1/8" paperback,  264 pages, illustrated
BBJMIC  The Magical I Ching   $14.95

Runic Palmistry  (Click for picture-Opens new window)
by: Jon Saint-Germain
Think about the many different things you do with your hands each day:
eating, writing, gesturing, caressing a loved one. Now take a close look at your hand. Is your palm round or square? The shape reveals your instinctive reactions to life. Square hands are generally "thinkers," while round hands are more likely to be "feelers." Are your fingers short and plump or long and thin? Your fingers reveal how you approach the world around you.

The hand is the visible agent of the brain-an extension of the mind-and through our hands we manipulate the world around us. Our hands reflect our moods and thoughts. Over time, through habitual mannerisms and gestures, our unique personalities are recorded on our hands.

Runic Palmistry describes a system of palm reading handed down orally through the women of four generations of the author's family. In this system, lines of the palm are called "branches" and the mounts of the palm are named after Norse deities. This unique book will show you how to:

� Find runic symbols within the palm and discover how to tell which ones are active at any given time in a person's life.
� Combine palm reading with a runecast to provide a complete picture of someone's past, present, and future.
� Discover the meanings of the 24 runic symbols, how to construct your own set of runes, and how to handle them to respect their energies.

Those new to palmistry will find that Runic Palmistry provides a complete and detailed system for accurate readings. Experienced palmists will discover valuable new insights into the way symbols work in the hand.

In the following excerpt, author Jon St. Germain describes how he developed Runic Palmistry based on his family's unique traditions.

Knowing that the techniques and traditions I had learned had been passed down in my family for generations, I became very curious about the origins of our unusual palmistry system. I remembered the stories my grandmother told about the Norse gods and heroes. Where had she learned them? Unfortunately, Grandma had passed away years before and couldn't answer my questions.

All I knew for sure was that my family possessed a hitherto unknown method of reading palms based on ancient Norse divination techniques. The origins of this system appeared to be lost in the mists of time. Since I couldn't find any reference to the Norse Palmistry system anywhere else, I decided to take the scraps of information and record them, before they were lost forever.

When runestones (an ancient Norse method of divination) became available to the public I began incorporating runecats into Norse palmistry readings. The two seemed to go hand in hand, so I gave a set of runestones to my Aunt Eliza for her 96th birthday. She seemed delighted with her new toys and immediately threw herself into studying them.

A few months later I received a letter from Aunt Eliza containing many pages of notes and drawings. She had discovered the Runic symbols could be found in the palm of the hand itself. This breakthrough, the most important component of Runic palmistry, came as a natural evolution of the family tradition! The last piece had fallen into place. Thanks to Aunt Eliza's observation, I've seen that almost everyone has Runes hidden in their hands.
BSGRP  Runic Palmistry  $14.95

Books On Rune Divination

Book of Runes Set 
(Click for more information)
~Ralph H. Blum
Based on a tradition over one thousand years old, this contemporary Oracle has established itself as a remarkable aid in practical decision making.
Complete with The Book of Runes by Ralph Blum, 150 pages,  illustrated, and hard cover. Includes set of 25 runes, and a drawstring pouch for holding your rune stones.
NBR25  New Book Of Runes Set- Book And Runes    $29.95

Books On Scrying, Crystal Divination, Pendulums, etc.

Scrying For Beginners (Click for more information)
-Donald Tyson  
Scrying enables you to access information that ordinarily is out of your conscious reach. Scrying actually lets you "see" with your mind's eye: Find missing objects, discover buried treasures, meet spirits, explore ancient cultures, and much more.
BBEGSCR - Scrying For Beginners -293 pages Paper Back  $12.95
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Occult & Metaphysical Books
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Books on Water Scrying, ESP, Auras,  Pendulums, Runes, Palm Reading
Dowsing, Crystal Balls, Channeling, Etc..
Here, you will find books on how to learn to scry, learning to read auras, how to use a pendulum, how to cast runes, learning to read a crystal ball, channels, and how to learn chanelling, read tea leaves, how to become a palm reader, dowsing, etc.
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Book Of Runes
Scrying For Beginners
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