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A Bard's Book of Pagan Songs: (click for picture)
Stories and Music from the Celtic World - CD included
by Hugin the Bard

Lady of the Moon,
Maiden, Mother, Crone,
Granter of the Boon,
With you we're not alone.
We honor you tonight,
As we read the rune.
Love within your light,
Lady of the Moon.

These are the lyrics to just one of the more than fifty songs, chants, and invocations you'll find in A Bard's Book of Pagan Songs by Hugin the Bard.

The book begins by explaining the nature of a bard's life. It is more than just singing songs. It is sharing the ancient stories and helping to build the community. It is functioning, when need be, as a spiritual guide. And it is being able to entertain with song.

There are two types of songs in this book. First, there are more than a dozen songs based on stories from the ancient Welsh book, the Mabinogion. Songs include "Rhiannon of the Birds," "Caswallon's Quarry," and "The Dreams of Arianhrod."
The second part of the book has over forty songs, chants, and invocations, beginning with one for each of the major festivals such as "The King Shall Return" for Imbolc and "Dark Night" for Samhain. Then there are a wide variety of tunes that share Hugin the Bard's thoughts, experiences, and ideas, such as "Knights of the Moon, "They Call Us Witches," and "Goddess Delight."

For each piece of music you will find the story or explanation for it along with the lead sheet, lyric sheet, and chord chart. In order to really experience this music, every copy of this book now includes, absolutely free, a CD featuring sixteen of the songs from this book!

8 1/4"x 10" - Paperback - 60 min. CD
BHBBBPS Bard's Book Of Pagan Songs - $19.95

Celtic Folklore Cooking     (click for picture)
by: Joanne Asala
A treasury of delectable recipes, Celtic Folklore Cooking by Joanne Asala will help you select foods to serve at your celebrations of the Sabbats and Esbats: the festivals and ritual times for Witches and Wiccans. It is also a terrific introduction to Celtic culture. The recipes in this book were gathered during four trips the author took to Ireland and Britain, as well as visits to Scotland and Wales. She searched for people who still cooked in the traditional of their ancestors, passing down recipes from generation to generation. The result is a book that is rich in Celtic tradition. And the foods are delicious any time, too!

Like a well-stocked larder, Celtic Folklore Cooking offers plenty of tempting choices for daily meals or special celebrations. Pick from more than 200 tasty traditional dishes, all nestled among colorful food-related proverbs, poems, tales, customs, and other nuggets of folk wisdom. Each recipe lists ancient and modern holidays associated with the dish so you can select the perfect fare to complement the season. Recipes
- Mushroom and Scallop Pie
- Heather Wine
- Pratie Oaten
- Beestings Pancakes
- Hot Cross buns
- Figgy Pudding
- Boxty on the Griddle
- Barm Brack
- Sweet Scones
- Scotch Eggs
- Colcannon
- Cockle Soup
- Flower Pudding
- Flummery
- Mead

The ancient Celts celebrated their Sabbats with music, dance, games, food, and drink. Whether you are a solitary practitioner or a part of a larger group, food and drink should always be a part of your festivities, rituals, and ceremonies. This book can be the key to a wide variety of foods that will make you the talk of the town!

If you are involved in Celtic traditions, this book is a must. If you simply like unique recipes for foods that are as tasty today as they were hundreds, even thousands of years ago, you'll want this book, too.
7"x10", illus, glossary, bibliog., index
BAJCFC Celtic Folklore Cooking - $17.95

Druid Magic: The Practice of Celtic Wisdom (click for picture)
by: Maya Magee Sutton & Nicholas Mann
Perhaps the most mystical, magical people ever known were the Druids. They were wizards, storytellers, teachers and spiritual leaders. They were attuned to the Earth and the Sun. And they were very powerful.
Wouldn't it be amazing if you could be a Druid? Now you can, with the secrets revealed in Druid Magick.

This book presents everything you need to know to become a Druid and even start your own Druid "Grove" (the name of a Druid group). You'll learn about the Druid's tools - the sickle, wand, cord and more - and how to make and use them.
You'll discover all of the beliefs the Druids hold, including the emphasis on honor and ethics. You'll learn how a Druid sees the Divine in everything and how even sex can be sacred.

And of course you'll learn the secrets of the magic of the Druids. You'll learn how to do protection spells and how to use magic to find missing items. You'll learn how you can visit other "worlds" or levels of reality. You'll even learn how to do shapeshifting and experience the world as an animal!

Are you having a mental block? With this book you'll learn how to tap into the creativity that was a hallmark of the Druids. You'll be able to write, draw, write or perform music with much greater ease and depth than ever before. Become a Druid can bring you all this and more!

Druidry is far more than historic Celtic leadership. It is a living, growing, spiritual tradition that can bring you more self-assurance and self-development than you've ever had before. Jump out of the ordinary! Try something new to bring that spark back into your life. Discover the secrets of Druid Magic.
7 1/2" x 9 1/8" - paper back - 384 pages - bibliography - index
BMSDM   Druid Magic  $14.95

Green Witchcraft: (click for picture)
Folk Magic, Fairy Lore & Herb Craft
by Ann (Aoumiel) Moura -
Ok, so this is more Wicca, but fae fans would look here. :)
Very little has been written about traditional family practices of the Old Religion simply because such information has not been offered for popular consumption. If you have no contacts with these traditions, Green Witchcraft will meet your need for a practice based in family and natural Witchcraft traditions. Through a how-to format you'll learn rites of passage, activities for Sabbats and Esbats, Fairy lore, self-dedication, self-initiation, spellwork, herbcraft and divination.
6"x 9"- paperback - illustrated - index - bibliography 
BMAGW  Green Witchcraft - $14.95

The 21 Lessons of Merlyn: (click for picture)
A Study in Druid Magic & Lore
by Douglas Monroe
For those with an inner drive to touch genuine Druidism-or who feel that the lore of King Arthur touches them personally- The 21 Lessons of Merlyn will come as an engrossing adventure and psychological journey into history and magic. This is a complete introductory course in Celtic Druidism, packaged within the framework of 21 authentic and expanded folk story / lessons that read like a novel.
6"x 9"- paperback - illustrated
BMD21LM  21 Lessons Of Merlyn - $14.95
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