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NEW! The Magic Of Ritual by Nancy B Watson   
Click to see the cassette picture (Old Picture. They will not have price tags)
This is a comprehensive, step by step, instructional magic ritual tape. It goes through
10 steps to creating your own magickal rituals. 
Very easy to follow and understand. 
Great for beginners, and may be used by students of most any magickal paths.

1-Four elements, four tools
2-Tool preparation & aura sealing
3-Setting your goal
4-Consulting the Oracle
5-Considering your negative attitudes
8-The magical image
9-Spiritual assistance
10-Guided ritual meditation
Nancy Watson is a well known, San Francisco Bay area lecturer on Solitary Ritual
On a personal note: If you have been stuck or confused about how to do rituals, I
recommend this one, highly. It goes through every step, in easy to understand
language, and common sense fashion.

C-WNMR  The Magic Of Ritual -Cassette Tape  $11.95
Very limited! Our supplier has discontinued these.

Be sure to check out our music on the Bargain Pages. We still have a
VERY few cassettes available.
Click Here, to take you to our bargain tapes.

Sorry, Sold Out! Item discontinued by publisher.
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Last Updated March 24, 2003  
Occult & Metaphysical Books  
Audio ~ Cassettes, CDs,
Book/Tape or Book/CD Combinations
Instructional & Music

These pages will have our audio programs for sale. Some will be
music, others will be instructional, some will have books to go
with the CDs, and visa versa.
Until these audio pages grow, all will be on this page. This means,
Childrens audio programs will be mixed in with adult themes. Each
will be noted, though.

Most music will fall into New Age, Celtic, Jazz and Pagan Genres,
except for Kid's Music, which can be all types.

We will be adding more of these types of items, in 2003, when the
new web site is up and running. In the meantime, you are welcome
email with requests for music, audio learning information, etc....  
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