This unique pyramid shaped bird cage is a truly elegant addition to any decor, and it makes the perfect home for many of our favorite small birds, such as parakeets, canaries, budgies, and small love birds.

Why The Pyramid Design In A Bird Cage?

The unique pyramid design of this bird cage is not only one of timeless beauty, but it actually helps to make it easier on you, as a pet caretaker:
Because the bottom of the bird cage is wider than the rest of the cage, bird seed and other debris tend to stay inside, rather than falling, you know where. The result is a dramatic decrease in the mess created by happy, healthy, active birds, and less work for you know who!

The Special Grill And Tray Design

The bird cage grill and tray design is great. The grill sits nested in the tray, so removing them is an absolute DREAM! This is the easiest tray I have ever had the pleasure to open! Because the steel bottom tray opening is narrow, both the tray and the grill can be removed without worrying that the bird might escape.

The Pyramid Bird Cage Accessories

The Pyramid Bird Cage comes complete with 3 quality American made accessories:

Small perch/swing which attaches at the apex or top of the pyramid.
Stationary perch near the bottom of the cage.
FDA-approved combination food & water cup, with built in perch

The swing is powder-coated to match the pyramid cage, and the swing and stationary perches are made of natural hardwood.  A sturdy eyelet at the top of the pyramid allows for hanging the birdcage in an indoor or outdoor setting!

American Made Bird Cages

The Pyramid Bird Cage and all of the accessories are manufactured entirely in the USA.  The finest in American manufacturing results in genuine quality.  The pyramid Bird cage is constructed of entirely of heavy welded steel!

My personal opinion:

THESE ARE JUST TOO COOL! I have had birds in my house for over 20 years, now.  I just got one of these unique bird cages, myself, and it is awesome.  The craftsmanship is extraordinary, something you don't see much anymore.  One of my parakeets, "Charlie", has just made this Pyramid Bird Cage her (yes, HER) new home, and it is just the most fascinating birdcage I have ever seen, that didn't cost a king's ransom.

The size is right for any parakeet, canary, and very
small parrots, such as the love birds. Remember, the space between the bars is about 5/8 inch, and if your bird is too small, it could be injured, or escape. On the other hand, the cage is shaped like a pyramid, so a large cockatiel will be somewhat cramped. That is just fine if your cockatiel or parrot spend the days Outside the Pyramid bird cage, and only return to sleep and eat.

The food & water cup is a combo dish, making feeding time that much easier. The dish is tilted by design, and this makes more of the food stay in the cage, rather than shooting forward and onto the floor. Less bird mess for me to clean up!

Judging from the quality of the construction, this piece will last forever, well almost!  The only parts that appear to ever need replacement, are the wooden dowl, swing, or the plastic food dish, but even those are of excellent quality and should give years of good use. Everything else is made of HEAVY guage steel and should last longer than most of us.

In Summary:
Where has this cage been all my life?
Where has it been all your life?

What Else Can I Do With A Pyramid Bird Cage?

Not really into birds? The Pyramid Bird Cage makes a truly unique pyramid gift for the non-bird lover, as well.
We know many people who collect decorative birdcages, Honest! They just love bird cages and try to find the most unusual bird cages to decorate with all kinds of personal mementos, and such. The pyramid birdcage can be used as a decorative touch all by itself, or add a little silk flower arrangement and you have a stunning home decor piece, something truly unique and unusual!

Pyramid Bird Cage ~ Product Specifications

The bird gage dimensions are Length / Width/ Height = 18 inches
Door width=5 inches Door height = 4 1/2 inches
The Pyramid Birdcage weighs 13 pounds
Space between the bars is aproximately 5/8 inch.

The Pyramid Bird Cage has a lustrous epoxy powder coated finish, available in the following 3 colors:

Metalic Gold Pyramid Bird Cage 
Gloss White Pyramid Bird Cage
Gloss Black Pyramid Bird Cage

Please, note: The birdcage is not suitable for finches and other very small birds, due to the space between the birdcage bars.

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For thousands of years, the great pyramids have held people spellbound. Today, the pyramids remain as beautiful, timeless, and mysterious as ever! You can bring a little of the beauty & mystery of the pyramids right into your own home, with the Pyramid Bird Cage!
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Unique Gifts From Around The World! Unusual pyramid shaped gifts, our pyramid bird cages make a great home for your birds, built for indoor or outdoor use. Pyramid cage, pyramid gifts, birdcages, pyramid bird cage,
Power of the Pyramids- The Pyramid Bird Cage- These Pyramid Shaped Bird Cages Are Probably The Most Unusal Gift Idea Going, For Pyramid Collectors & Bird Lovers. The Pyramid Bird Cages Are Also Unique Gifts For Bird Cage Collectors.
Our Pyramid Bird Cages are extremely attractive and sturdy. These are no ordinary bird cages. The Pyramid Bird Cage is made of heavy welded steel, and is made as a hanging bird cage, but hanging is not neccessary. The Pyramid Bird Cage is also great hanging indoors, or outdoors, or just sitting on the side table. The Pyramid Bird Cages, truly unique gifts for people who love pyramids.
Our steel Pyramid Bird Cages are made for outdoor use, as well as indoor use!
The Pyramid Bird Cage and all of the accessories are manufactured entirely in the USA.  The finest in American manufacturing results in genuine quality.  The pyramid Bird cage is constructed of entirely of heavy welded steel!
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