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Unique Gifts From Around The World - Unusual & Unique Gift Ideas- Pyramid Birdcage, steel bird cages, unusual bird cages, unique bird cages. These are the perfect gift for that really unique bird lover in your life!
The pyramid birdcage is made of heavy welded steel, that will last and last. The grill is nested in the tray, making this birdcage one of the easiest to clean that I have ever seen! These are the most unique gifts ideas for you lovers of pyramids and birds.
The unusual pyramid bird cage- A unique bird cage in a shape that will never bore your beloved little birds. No four walls here!
Unusual bird cages, shaped like pyramids, and made to last, like pyramids. Our pyramid bird cages are made of heavy welded steel, top to bottom. The only non steel parts are the food and water cup, the swing, and the bottom perch.
Pyramid Shaped bird cages- These are the most unusual gift ideas and definately a unique birdcage, whether you use it as a hanging birdcage, or simply sitting, or as a decorative birdcage.
These unique bird cages are shaped like pyramids, are  a truly elegant addition to any decor, and they serve as the perfect home for many of our favorite small birds, such as parakeets, canaries, budgies, and small love birds.

The unique pyramid design of this birdcage is not only one of timeless beauty, but it actually helps to make it easier on you, as a pet caretaker.
As pyramids in shape, naturally, the bottom of the cage is wider than the rest of the cage, bird seed and Other debris tend to stay inside, rather than falling you know where. The result is a dramatic decrease in the mess created by happy, healthy, active birds, and less work for you know who!
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Pyramid Bird Cages

This page is simply larger pictures of our Pyramid Bird Cages. This will allow you to see some of the detail and craftsmanship of these fine bird cages.  They truly are unique and unusual bird cages.  If you want more details on these unusual bird cages, click on the back button, at the bottom of the cage.
Our unusual birdcages are shaped like pyramids and make unique pyramid gifts. These pyramids also make fantastic unique gifts for the unusual bird lover in your family. These pyramid birdcages are perfect indoors or out, as hanging  birdcages or sitting.
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The Pyramid Bird Cage and all of the accessories are manufactured entirely in the USA.  The finest in American manufacturing results in genuine quality.  The pyramid Bird cage is constructed of entirely of heavy welded steel!