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Altar Cloths & Tapestry
Pictures don't do them justice!  They can be used for a wall hanging, a table cloth, a bed spread, throw, and altar cloth, hung from the ceiling, hippy decor, and more..
I guess I should mention, that these are not true tapestries.  They are light weight material, as a bedspread or heavy sheet.

Our tapestries are 72" x 108" (6 ft x 9 ft) before hemming and washing. The finished size is about: 70"x 106".
All of our tapestries are made in India and can vary, ever so slightly from piece to piece.  The sizes are fairly consistent but could vary just an inch or two. Therefore, they could be 1-2" smaller but they cannot be larger.
All are made of 100% cotton.  $24.95 each
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#4 Celtic Knot
#6 Celtic Knot
#12 Celtic Horse
#10 Flower Mandalla
#8 Flower Mandalla
Celtic Tote
Graphic Design© Webster's Fantasy 2001
Pentacle©RobinWood 1997
Used With Permission
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Above- Flower Mandalla with Celtic Knot Pattern
#10 Green, Gold, and Black Flowers with a Celtic Knot Design.
#8 Red, Blue and Black Flowers with a Celtic Knot
Above-Celtic Horse Mandalla Both have  a ring of circles with the above Celtic Horse design in every circle, going all the way around the edge of the tapestry, with the one large circle, as above, in the center.   $24.95 Each
#11 Black on Gold.  Sorry, Discontinued
#12 Black on White.
Above-Celtic Knot Mandalla #4 Black on White, #6 Black on Blue
Celtic Knot Tapestry
Celtic Pentacle Tote Bag. These bags are 100% cotton, are 18" x 18", and all come with a pentacle mandalla in the center, but all are on black cotton with various color combinations. These are way cool, and come in assorted color combinations.  All pentacles are in the style shown below and are upright.
$7.95 each
The picture on the left is a close up of one of our Celtic Pentacle Totes.  The pattern is silk screened in multiple colors, using several screens,  and the print is very clear.  They have a floral trim around the pentagram, and then a black Celtic knotwork square, beyond that.  The whole picture is framed in black as in the purple example above.  These come in assorted color combinations, so let us pick one for you today!
This is a close-up of our Celtic Pentacle Tote Bag.  May be used as a purse/shoulder bag, book bag, beach bag, or to haul all your magickal stuff to your next event!
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