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Inner Healing: Chakra Meditations Part 1

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Inner Healing: Chakra Meditations Part 1
What Is Meditation And How Do I Meditate?
By Leonie Faye

What is Meditation?

Meditation is when you allow the mind to rest and go quiet.

When our bodies are worked really hard, we get aches and pains. We need to rest the body so it can recuperate from the stress and physical strain we have put onto it. If we don't our bodies can become ill which can lead to neck and back strain. When this happens we are forced to take it easy. We have a good night's sleep and in the morning we feel rested and relaxed.

With our minds we are always thinking, even in sleep the mind is working because most of us dream while we are asleep. As you can see the mind never rests. However, with meditation we can slow the mind down and relax it to such a level that it gets the chance to have a good rest. After practice you will be able to stop the thoughts altogether for a short time.

In times of stress and serious illness we are constantly worried, and that puts pressure on our mind and our bodies that is no good. These two factors can lead to even more illness and more stress. Just imagine if we rest our mind through meditation we are allowing whatever problem's that are present in our body to heal themselves without the added stress of constantly worrying about them.

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Meditation Continued

If you really think about it, it does make a lot of sense.

Meditation is so easy that even young children can practice meditation. This would be beneficial to children who are going through problems at school.

We are going to explore the power behind inner healing through meditation. For a few minutes I want you to sit quietly and try and shut down all your thoughts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

How did you go? Were you able to silence your thoughts?

Did any of you feel uncomfortable? Did you stop the thoughts from coming into your mind? . . No? Never mind.

Was it a battle to try and concentrate on thinking of nothing?

We have to learn how to slow the mind and her thinking down. When we can do this, we are able to instil within ourselves a sense of peace and harmony. We are also able to open our chakras and energy centres up properly, so that they function appropriately.

When we learn to gain control of our mind, and her negative thoughts we are able to access our inner child and our higher mind completely. When we learn to do this, we can bring about total awareness and inner healing.

For a minute I want you to sit still and try and stop yourself from thinking, but this time I want you to listen to the music. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

How did you go this time? Was it easy to stop the flow of your mind's thoughts? You would have noticed that this time you may have been more calmer and relaxed because you were given something that was on a frequency level that helped you to slow the mind down. You will also notice that with gentle soothing music you were able to totally relax.

The mind is able to be slowed when we have something to focus on that helps us to distract it. . . When we learn to slow our minds down and think of nothing without any help, we are able to bring ourselves into a state of total awareness. In this state 100% healing can take place. We are able to totally bring into us, our inner child and higher mind.

With the use of soft or rhythmic music we are able to place our focus on something that does not need our intense concentration. Music has this ability to slow our thought process down.

When we stop thinking, we start to truly listen to what is going on within ourselves. We are able to hear our higher mind and our inner child. We learn how to listen to our body and what she has to say. If something is off balance or not right, we are able to talk to our bodies and find out exactly what is the problem. Through meditation, we learn how to make true contact with ourselves. We learn to train our mind to function the way she was meant to. Instead of the mind controlling us, we control our mind. The soul becomes in charge once more. All our extra sensors become open and we are able to access all our hidden knowledge and gifts that are blocked from us because the mind is stopping them coming through. Meditation provides all of these powerful healing tools.

. . Let us try again. . . Sit quietly and try to shut down your . . . . thoughts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Did you find that this time it was easier or harder?

Did some of you feel uncomfortable as if you were fighting with someone or something?

You probably were. There are many people around today that believe that our frequencies and channels have been shut down by beings who do not want us to evolve the way we should be. This may or may not be true. However, it is worth us thinking about since it does make some sense of all the crazy and horrible things that go on in this world today.

Some believe that these beings feed off us. They use our fear, worry, pain and sorrow as food to make them powerful. We all know how powerful hatred and anger are on a physical level. There is a lot of forceful energy that comes from these feelings. That forceful energy can make a spirit being very powerful. Since most of the worlds' people experience pain, fear, anger, hatred and stress then these beings must be having a feeding frenzy.

Well, we must all learn to say enough!

We must learn not to hook into the negativity that is in our world. We must learn how to become open, loving and compassionate beings once more. They say that this energy creates new worlds and universes. It also helps our world as well.

Stop being food and start being creators.

When you see a drama going on in your life. Think to yourself that you refuse to be food for a negative being. Start meditating and learn to bring back your awareness to yourself. Allow your inner frequencies to become open and alive. Allow love, joy and happiness to flow through you. Allow yourself to connect to mother earth and feel where you belong. Allow yourself to unite with the heavens and connect to your true destiny and purpose.

Let us all learn how to get into the habit of meditating and learning to slow our minds down and open ourselves up to our inner awareness. We will learn how to tap into our bodies and to our higher mind and inner child. Here all our questions and solutions to our problems can be discovered and solved.

Let us take back our power and use that power for good and not drama.

Today let us learn how to truly meditate.

How do I meditate?

Meditation is so easy that it only takes up a small part of your day, so it can be done first thing in the morning and last thing at night. You could be on a bus, in a park, or even at the office in your lunch hour. It does not matter where you are, if you have a spare 5 minutes you can meditate.

Now we will look at doing a simple meditation first thing in the morning.

When you wake up in the morning, take a few minutes to wake yourself up. Do this by giving yourself a good shake, then find somewhere, where you can sit without being disturbed. It can be on the floor with a couple of pillows or even sitting up in bed, out in the morning sun, in fact anywhere where you feel comfortable. You can have some soft music on, or if you prefer just have silence.

When you are comfortable, I want you to focus on your body, starting with your feet, and focusing on your breathing, I want you to notice your breathing, slowing the breath, bring your awareness to your feet and travelling up your whole body from your knees to your hips, from your hips to your stomach, from your stomach to your heart.

Now notice your heartbeats, breathing with the rhythm of the heartbeat, try to stay focused, but if you find that your mind wanders do not be alarmed, WITH TIME AND PRACTICE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO STOP THIS.

Breathing with the heartbeat will help you to understand the rhythm of your body and this is the start of learning to listen to your natural body language. When you have mastered this art you will be able to read the warning signals in your body when something goes wrong. When you are ready bring your focus back to the body. Focusing on your shoulders, breathing slowly, bring your awareness to your neck, and then still breathing slowly bring your awareness to your head.

When you have reached the head slowly bring your whole awareness to all of your body. Now take time to listen to your whole body, listen to the sounds coming from your body and breathe with those sounds.

After you have done this bring yourself back to reality, slowly allow your mind to start its thinking process and your breathing to go back too normal.

Now just sit for a few minutes and feel how calm and relaxed you are, when you are ready get up and start your day. You will notice by doing this morning meditation that your whole day will feel more peaceful and there will be less stress around you because you will have given your mind a rest.

You can also use meditation to help you with any problems you may have in your life.

Before you enter into your meditative state, focus on the problem and then ask your higher mind to help come up with answers. Go into your meditation and after you have finished, see if you receive any advice or hidden insight that could help you. It may be that you will see the problems in a different perspective. If you are after some emotional healing within yourself you can also focus on the issues that are causing you pain, grief or worry before you go into your meditative state. Ask that your inner child help you heal these situations. After the mediation, you may well find that you see your pain, fear and worries in a different light also.

You never know until you give something a fair go.

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