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How Do I Use Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy Methods

The way to use aromatherapy can be quite varied. You don't need lots of time, don't HAVE to buy any special equipment, and it doesn't have to cost you much, either. It just depends on what aromatherapy method you choose to use.

The magic of aromatherapy image and How to use aromatherapy for beginners.

How To Use Aromatherapy

Some people will use oil diffusers or potpourri oil warmers for their aromatherapy. By placing a few drops of pure essential oil in the top of the burner, these aromatherapy diffusers allow the fragrance to warm and rise into the air, to be inhaled. The scent of the essential oil triggers wonderful reactions in your body, changing your mood and improving the way you feel.

What other types of aromatherapy are there?

Burning incense or scented candles, putting herbal sachets in dresser drawers, using aromatic bath salts, wearing scented lotions,  and bathing with scented soaps have all been used for aromatherapy purposes.

It is the true to nature scent of pure essential oils that is important for the serious aroma therapist, but scents that do not have essential oils can create aromatherapy benefits, too.

Don't believe me? Just think of the scent of your favorite cookies or fresh bread baking in the oven. How does that make you feel? Whether good or bad, that's aromatherapy! Changing the state of body or mind with scent is making use of aromatherapy.

Some people will even ingest pure essential oils for the health benefits*, but we don't get into that here as it is very controversial and not for use of the novice.

Whatever aromatherapy method appeals most to you will probably work best, as you're more likely to use aromatherapy often if you find it enjoyable!

Aromatherapy can be used to improve your life in a variety of ways...

What Can I Use Aromatherapy For?
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