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Aromatherapy Basics
What Is Aromatherapy Used For?

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What Is Aromatherapy Used For?
Aromatherapy For Mind & Body

What Do People Use Aromatherapy For?

Some people will use aromatherapy to help them with real physical ailments, such as headaches, coughs, colds, or depression*.

Some use aromatherapy to help them lose weight, as well*. Each essential oil has qualities that relate to various functions in the body and psyche.

By breathing in certain scents, you feel your mind can relax, pain can be relieved, your spirit can feel uplifted, you can feel more energized, even hunger can be satiated.

The magic of aromatherapy image and What Do People Use Aromatherapy For? How to use aromatherapy.

Learning how to use Aromatherapy to make changes in your life can be lots of fun and may even become a life long passion. Aromatherapy can be an EASY and fun way to help de stress yourself after a tough day. You can also use aromatherapy to change the mood of a space; to liven it up for a party, or to make it cozy and intimate for that evening by the fire alone with the one you love.

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