Wolf Song Deck and Book Set

Already in its third printing after only one year, the 62 card Wolf Song deck has proven to be a timely and popular nature  and Native American oriented  metaphysical deck.

Using ancient symbolism, the 62 card deck explores the elemental teachings of nature in Native American life.

This set includes the Wolf Song book, which offers in-depth explanations of each card image, plus the Native American healing and spirituality based on the animal spirits.  The 176 page book also features unique card spreads for specialized readings.

Comes with a 176 page book with full card descriptions and interpretations!

WSS99    Cards are 3" X 4 5/8", Book measures 4 5/8" X 7"
Wolf Song Deck and Book Set   US$28.95
Psychic and Divination-Wolf Song Deck and Book Set- Native American Tarot Decks- Tarot divination, Gypsy fortunetelling cards.
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Native American Tarot Decks
Wolf Song Deck and Book Set
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Wolf Song Deck and Book Set- wolf song cards and book.