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LS Tarots Of Nefertari

Notes from Lo Scarabeo, the Nefertari's Tarot publisher:
Light of Egypt, bride of Ramses, the enigmatic queen of Egypt, whose beauty passed through the millennia: this is Nefertari. This precious deck is covered with a layer of gold and it is the richest Egyptian divination deck ever created. The Tarots leads to the magical light of ancient Egypt.

The Nefertari's Tarot deck has 78 cards, with suits of wands, chalices, swords, and pentacles. The court cards of the Nefertari Tarot are Kings, Queens, Knights, and Knaves. Also included is a 14 page basic instruction booklet. Art by Silvana Alasia.
The cards, shown above, do not show the gold stamping on them. It is very dificult to photograph them with the gold, and show them to their true advantage. If you want to see actual pictures of the gold foiled cards, check out the review, below.

LS Tarots Of Nefertari-$46.95  78 card deck measures 2 3/4" x 5"
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Last Updated September 6, 2004        
Egyptian Tarot Decks
LS Tarots Of Nefertari

Nefertari, the bride of Ramses II, assisted her husband in the temporal ruling of Egypt. During her incredible life, she witnessed the great expansion of her country and enjoyed the worship of her devoted husband. Upon her death, Ramses built Nefertari a stunning sepulcher that remains almost intact to the present day.

This deck recreates the atmosphere and symbology so loved by Nefertari-who is considered the Light of Egypt and a symbol of the most beautiful aspects of this elegant and sophisticated civilization.

The typical two-dimensional Egyptian artwork is given incredible life and luminosity by the rich, patterned gold foil background. Drawing upon the fascination and mystery of Egyptian culture, Alasia has created a beautiful deck that is also practical for divinatory purposes.
Click Here to read a review on the LS Nefertari's Tarot  Brought to you by Wicce's Tarot Collection. This will open a new window. Close the window, when you are finished, to return here.
Nefertari Tarot Deck
Graphic Design©Dave Buckland 2001-2003
Used with permission
Illustrations from  Tarots Of Nefertari ©Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, MN- &
© Lo Scarabo, Italy-All rights reserved-Used with Permission
Further reproduction prohibited.

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Nefertari's Tarot-Richly gold foiled on every card. A deluxe Tarot Gift!
LS Tarots Of Nefertari- or Nefertari's Tarot. These photos do not do the deck justice. Gold does not photograph very well, so the picture shows the tarot cards, BEFORE the gold stamping.
Tarot of Nefetari- A fine gift for anyone interested in the Tarot, and particularly somebody interested in Egypt.
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