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Solid Wood Carved Celtic Pentacle Box

This is a beautiful solid wood pentacle box!  These could make wonderful trinket boxes, tarot boxes, cone or powder incense boxes, or just a place for keepsakes.

The finish of the box is smooth, and the color is somewhere between a deep oak and walnut.  The lid of the box is carved with a Celtic pentacle, using literally hundreds of tiny punches with a wood workers tool.   The quality is excellent,  the box closing with quite a tight fit. The lid closes with recessed (hidden) brass hinges, too!
The Celtic pentacle design matches the same pentacle design on our
Celtic pentacle tote bags. This could make a great gift combination for your favorite pentacle collector!
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Celtic Pentacle Box
Wood Carved Celtic Pentacle Box

Our carved wooden pentacle boxes make great gifts for Wiccan or Pagan friends, or just that person in your life that enjoys unique metaphysical or Celtic gifts. They are not only very attractive and unusual, but they have so many possible uses, too!

These Celtic pentacle boxes are large enough to hold most standard Tarot decks, but always check the measurements of the Tarot deck, before ordering the pentacle box for that purpose.
The Celtic boxes external measurements are approximately 6"L x 4"W x 2 1/4" high.  The interior box dimensions are  5 1/4"L x 3 1/4W.

These carved Celtic pentacle boxes are great for  tarot decks, trinkets, or  keepsake boxes, but may be used to hold powders, crystals, pouches, amulets, scrying tools, as pendulum boxes,  for incense cones, spell ingredients, etc.

TMBP85  6" x 4" Wood Carved Celtic Pentacle Box   $12.95
Carved Celtic pentacle boxes-Great wood trinket boxes, as a jewelry box, for incense cones or powders, etc. With the Celtic pentacle, makes a great Pagan or Wiccan gifts, too! Even though we call them trinket boxes, don't let that limit your imagination. They make great cone or powder incense boxes, unique gift boxes, Pagan trinket boxes, Wiccan gift boxes, and more!