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Faux Marble Dragons
Marble Resin Dragon With Pearl

The Chinese dragon may be used in Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway), the Oriental art of placement.  The dragon can represent any of the above and also virility, & protection from evil. It is an excellent addition to your wealth corner to promote prosperity.

Chinese Dragons are symbolic of strength, goodness and the spirit of change or transformation, as embodied in this handsome Chinese-style statue.

Our Marble Dragon crouches playfully on a dark wooden stand, grasping its pearl in one claw. It is a coiling dragon that dwells in the water. The pearl is said to hold untold riches, not only in the form of physical wealth but also happiness and wisdom.

Our "Faux Marble" dragon is made from an alabaster stone blended polymer that gives the appearance of marble. This marble dragon is finely detailed, with red crystaline eyes, and measures about 7" long, 5-1/2" wide, and 6" tall, including the stand. A beautiful and substantial piece, the perfect gift, ready for desktop, library, or wealth corner!

GDRGM Marble Dragon With Pearl
Faux Marble Dragon With Pearl-A unique gift for the dragon lover, feng shui cure for prosperity and abundance, or just a nice piece of Oriental Home Decor!
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Unique Gifts ~ Resin Dragons
Marble Dragon With Pearl
Oriental Gifts Feng Shui Cures

The dragon is a legendary animal in ancient China. The image of the dragon may incorporate features of many different animals: the head of a bull, the horns of a deer, the body of a snake, the scale of a fish, the claws of an eagle.

The dragon is a powerful creature that can become as large as the universe or as small as a silk worm…change color or disappear in a flash.

In Chinese folklore, there is a celestial dragon-Tien Lung, treasure keeper-Fu-Tsang Lung, river dragon-Ti Lung, dragon that controls the weather-Shen Lung, and the great dragon Chien-Lung.   I believe there may be 4 others, making 9 in total, but these are the dragons I am aware of.

The Chinese dragon is associated with the weather as a water god. In spring, it takes to the skies and brings or withholds the rains and in fall it returns to the waters, below.

The dragon is also known as the herald of good tidings and an auspicious symbol of abundance. One Chinese dragon of fortune, may bear a pearl in its mouth or claw. The pearl is said to hold untold riches, not only in the form of physical wealth but also happiness and wisdom.

Over all, the Chinese dragon is a symbol of wisdom, nobility, and good luck. In China, dragons are generally considered “friendly creatures that ensure luck and wealth”. Sighting of a dragon fortells happiness and good fortune.
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Last Updated May 18, 2004        
Marble Dragon
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Faux Marble Dragon-Our Marble Resin Dragon crouches playfully on a dark wood grained stand, grasping its pearl in one claw. The pearl is said to hold untold riches, not only in the form of physical wealth but also happiness and wisdom. Chinese Dragons for feng shui cures, Oriental Home Decor, or Unique Gifts!