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Unique Ritual Chalices
Pewter Fairy Chalice

The ritual chalice or cup is used on the altar to represent the feminine principle of Water.  Chalices may be of any material. Many use silver or pewter (be careful with untreated metals when serving wine), but ceramic chalice are popular and can be found most anywhere.. Some Witches have many different kinds, for different types of rituals. Some Witches  will avoid real "lead" crystal because of the Saturn influence.

Some will use almost any vesel, even a plain glass tumbler,  it only needs to hold the liquid required.  Others have a need for a more ceremonial chalice, used only for this one purpose. 
To me, it lends a special quality to have a cup that is only used for the one purpose. It helps you to leave the ordinary space and become more in touch with the intangible, because you only use it for the one purpose. Instant recognition and mind awareness.
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Lead Free Pewter Faery Goblet
Fairy Ritual Chalice

This is a beautiful, highly polished pewter altar/ritual chalice, sitting atop an enchanting fairy. Anyone should be proud to own such a piece!
The cup sits atop the back of a charming nude fairy. She has her wings slightly spread and is gazing into a crystal ball, with a michevious smile and a look of excitement on her face.
The outside of the fairy chalice is highly polished and the interior of the goblet is a satin finish.  This is no lightweight piece,either. It is very sturdy and weighs well over 2 lbs!
The fairy, herself, is about 5 1/2" tall up to the tip-top of her wings. The fairy has much detail. You can even see her fingernails! 
The chalice cup, alone,  is about 3 1/2" tall and about 4" across.
The total  height of the fairy chalice is about 8 inches and it is about 4 inches across.  It  is made of "lead free" pewter, so you don't have to worry about losing your mind(unless you want to)...

This unique chalice be used to hold water, wine or?  Perfect  for spellcraft, ritual ceremony, or just a Great wine glass! At this size, you could easily fill the cup with sand and use it as an incense burner to honor the air element! This is something really special and different.  It would definately make an excellent gift, too!

ASRCF  Pewter Fairy Ritual Chalice  8" tall   $114.95 each
Faery Cup or Fairy Goblet-Depends on how you spell it-Beautifully polished lead free pewter chalice. Ideal for magick, ritual, and altar use, as well as a great cup for sipping libations.
Pewter Fairy Chalice
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