Scratch-Off Tarot Greeting Cards

These are awesome greeting cards! On the right-inside of the card, is plenty of blank space to place your special message. On the left-inside, are instructions for how to do your own personalized Tarot reading. On the back of the card are 22 gold card shapes. Under each gold patch is a Major Arcana Tarot card. The querrant scratches off 10 cards and receives a reading, complete with interpretations of the chosen cards!
The REALLY unique thing about these cards, is the fact that the 22 cards are laid down randomly, so your reading will always vary.
I have actually had people buy these for themselves, and use them to answer personal questions about their lives.
Personally, I think they are fun and terrific. They make ideal little thank you gifts, or stocking stuffer kind of trinkets.
Each card measures 5 1/4"x6 7/8". Presently, we offer the number 11 (Strength) card, and the number 1 (Magician)card.

Tarot Greeting Cards  $3.25 each
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Scratch-Off Tarot Fortune Telling Greeting Cards

Both experienced tarot readers and novices will enjoy these innovative greeting cards. The cards allow the user to perform their own personalized tarot reading by scratching off tarot card symbols at random, and reading the resulting interpretation.
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The Magician
Wheel of Fortune
More coming soon!
Scratch off Tarot greeting cards. This is the Strength card. These are too much fun, if there is such a thing!
Scratch off Tarot greeting cards. This gift card is the Magician. These cards make nice little nothing gifts, all in themselves!