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Bells And Chimes

Healing Effects Of Wind Chimes

Tones have a healing effect on our bodies, calm our minds and awaken our spirits.  The resonance and vibration of sound releases stress and emotional blockages in the body and calms the mind. The calming of mind expands conscious awareness and connection with spirit. Wind chimes thereby help enhance the mind/body/spirit connection bringing us a sense of peace and well being. 

Red Pentagram Wind Chimes

The Pentagram is a symbol of a star encased in a circle. Always with 5 points (one pointing upward), each has its own meaning. The upward point of the star is representative of the spirit. The other four points all represent an element; earth, air, fire, and water. All these things contibutite to life and are a part of each of us. Pentagrams, historically, have also been used as symbols of protection.
Our red pentagram  windchime is about 9 inches across, made of iron, with 11 bells of various sizes.   $12.95 each

Celtic Iron Cross Wind Chimes

One legend says that looking down on our plane from above, the Celtic world  was seen to be divided into four quarters, representing the four directions.  These four quarters were represented in the Celtic world as the well known Celtic Cross arrangement with the longest branch being the southern one.
Our iron cross is about 15 inches long, has an amber colored crystal in the center and 7 bells.  $17.95 each

Celtic Circle Wind Chimes

The Celtic view of the Earth was that it was divided into 3 worlds.  The plane of the land upon which we walk, the sky above us, and the dark below it - seen as the realm of the sea.  The circle symbolized the cyclical nature of life and was a powerful symbol for the pre-Christian people of Ireland. Our Celtic iron circle windchime is about 12 inches across, has an amber colored crystal in the center and 5 bells.  $14.95 each

Iron Celestial Wind Chimes

Our celestial wind chime is decorated with a sun, moon, and star. The wind chime is made of iron, with brass bells. The chimes are about 24 inches in length and there are 6 bells, 2 on the sun, 2 on the moon, and 2 on the star. Many people hang these wind chimes in the home as wall decor, as well as outdoors for the sound effects they provide in the breeze.

Celestial Wind Chime   $10.95
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Red Pentagram
Iron Cross
Celtic Circle
Celestial Chime
Celtic Iron Cross Windchime-Click for larger image.
Celtic Iron Circle Wind Chime Has The Look Of Celtic Knotwork In Iron And Brass. Click for larger image.
Red Iron Pentagram Windchime-Click for larger image.
Iron Sun, Moon, & Stars, With Brass Bells Is 24 inches long. Click for larger image.