Bargains, bargains, bargains! Medicine Wheel Ritual Kits-Native American Ritual Kits
Medicine Wheel Spell Kits

Each Medicine Wheel Kit comes with
4 candles
1  pewter candle holder decorated with the four spirit keepers
1 turkey feather
4 stones
1 bag of smudge with shell offering bowl
1 medicine wheel symbol chart-showing the 4 directions, four animal spirit keepers, color correspondences, stones, and elements associated to each direction.
1 scroll with instructions for setting up and using your own Medicine Wheel.
The whole kit is new, wrapped in celophane and tied with raffia.
Medicine Wheel Kit-
Were $17.95 Each,
Now Only $12.95! SOLD OUT
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Bargains-Eye Of The Day Medicine Wheel Kits

A Medicine Wheel is a sacred circle of stones which correspond &  relate to the 6 directions (E, S, W, N), along with the sky above, and the Earth below. The medicine wheel is usually divided into four main quadrants, corresponding to the cardinal directions.  This ancient symbol is said to represent life, cycles of time, the earth, and the universe.

Traveling the Medicine Wheel can be the journey of the soul exploring all aspects of life. It is a place to come to create, to meditate, to pray, to deepen your inner being, to mark a change in your life, seek spiritual guidance, or just think about things.  There is a balance to life and one goes to the medicine wheel when they are out of balance. It is a place where you can sit back and take stock and when you find yourself out of balance it's a way to get it back.
Travel around the medicine wheel, talk to the spirit keepers of the quadrants, seek guidance and council from Father Sky and Mother Earth.

Each Medicine Wheel Ritual Kit includes everthing you need to set up your own basic medicine wheel for yourself, or as a gift for that special friend.
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