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Dreaming of Numbers
By Bonnie Moss

Numbers can be puzzling or exciting when one sees them in dreams. Almost always, dreaming of numbers is associated with lottery numbers.

Numbers appearing in dreams carry a personal significance. Yes, it is possible that the numbers may mean a lucky draw in the lottery. But this is a rare occurrence.


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There are different ways to interpret the meaning of numbers in dreams. There is a practical aspect to numbers. The other side is spiritual and esoteric.

Numbers in dreams are symbolic. It can be related to events of the past, it may call your attention to the present, it can be precognitive, calling your attention to an important date or place.

Practical interpretation:

A combination of numbers can be reduced to a single digit. This is the usual practice. Or, the numbers taken separately may be of more significance. Dream interpretation is very personal- the events in dreams belong only to the dreamer. It can be the dreamer’s pleasure to dissect and analyze the dream.

One: Success, accomplishment in current endeavours Purposeful, focus on a single project

Two: Balance and caution in business or personal relationships Harmony and integrity.

Three: Stability and success can be realized. Enthusiasm and freedom.

Four: Security and solid foundation for your hopes and dreams. Your home is your castle.

Five: An important discovery that will make a difference in your life. Adventure, courage health .

Six: Harmony, peace and loving relationship, Idealism responsibility and faithfulness

Seven: Your problems are not insurmountable. It is up to you. Discernment, wisdom, fortitude

Eight: Wonderful potentials knock on your doorstep. Practicality, control , business sense.

Nine: Do not over extend yourself, do not be overconfident. Discretion, understanding, lofty moral sense, genius.

Zero: Holds within all the potentials.

Esoteric Meaning

One: New beginnings, unity

Two: Duality, balance, yin/yang, two sides, opposites

Three: Triangle, freedom

Four: The square, stability, reality, earth, four sides of human nature- sensation, feelings, thoughts and intuition, four elements of fire, earth, wind and water

Five: Human body, human consciousness, the five senses

Six: Harmony and balance

Seven: Cycles of life,magical, mystical and mysterious

Eight: Death and resurrection,infinity

Nine: Pregnancy, end of a cycle, spiritual awareness

Ten: A new beginning- 10 is reduced to one digit-1. May also mean male and female together

Eleven: This is a master number, possibly the eleventh hour.

Twelve: Indicates time, a full cycle is within reach, wholeness

Zero: The feminine, the Great Mother, the sub-conscious, or the absolute

Please note that as one progresses spiritually, this creates the possibility of using the vibratory effect of numbers.

In some practices, combining numbers and drawing on their vibrations can be effective to influence the dreamer’s environment.

Feng Shui recognizes the importance of numbers to bring positive influence to the environment.

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