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How To Use A Pendulum
By Erin Gjertsen

Learning to use a pendulum is really very easy. I've been using a pendulum for divine guidance, for over 20 years. These instructions are intended to help you to get started using your own pendulum for guidance.

Before you get started, you will need a couple of things:

  1. A Pendulum
  2. A 'Yes/No Chart
  3. A Pen & Paper (for notes)

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How To Use A Pendulum
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So, number one: You need a pendulum... Here, is one crystal and silver version:

Crystal And Silver Pendulum

The pendulum, itself, has no power. You have the power. The pendulum is a tool. It can be as simple as a washer on the end of a string, or as elaborate as a beautiful hand-tooled piece of amethyst on the end of a silver chain. The pendulum just needs to be able to swing freely.

For the 'chain', you can use metal chain, leather, hemp, kite string, or thread for your chain.

The pendulum bob, just has to have enough weight to hold the string down. Some say, it must be 'just so' and charged under the moon, etc, but I know people that use plastic pendulums and they work just fine. It comes down to your beliefs and how pleasing you need it to look. For the bob, you can use a paperclip, a chinese coin, a washer, a pendant, a key, a large bead, just about anything you can thread your 'chain' through.

For the chart, we're going to make a simple 'yes/no' chart and you just need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. You draw one vertical line and one horizontal line, as in the image, below. You can make them arrows, if you like, it is not important. My yes-no charts are usually about 4 inches each way.

Pendulum yes-no chart

The pen and paper for note taking can be anything you like. It can be helpful to write down the questions you want to ask, in advance, and then write the answers as you receive them.

Pendulum Use Instructions

These are the basic instructions for using your pendulum. After you have been doing it for awhile, you will find what suits you best.

To begin with, use the pendulum in a quiet room. You might like to have a candle, and/or some incense burning, whatever makes you more comfortable.

For better accuracy, use your pendulum when you are fresh and full of energy and for no more than 5-15 minutes, at first.

Most people who have had unwanted communications with lower vibration beings did so because they allowed their vibration to drop. This can happen because you are tired, ill, or experiencing lower vibe emotions like fear, anger, or sorrow.

So call on your angels and guides when you are feeling GOOD. They vibrate at a high level of love, joy, appreciation, and fun. They can ALWAYS hear you, but you need to be feeling good to hear them.

Begin by setting your intention as to who you are going to be communicating with and that the session is for the highest good of all.

Sit for a moment, with your eyes closed. Take a few very deep breaths. As you breathe, picture white light coming from your heart and spreading throughout your body. Picture it spreading beyond you throughout the room. Picture it spreading throughout the building and beyond. Know that this is raising your vibration. In doing this, you will be allowing easier communication with your spiritual guides, angels, higher self, etc., and energies of lower vibrations will be busy elsewhere. wink smilie

With elbow on the table, hold your pendulum, dangling from your strongest hand, over the center of the chart. Ask something you know, like 'is my name George?' Wait and allow the pendulum to begin moving on its own, normally up-down or left-right. It may take a minute or two. If George is your name, then that is your 'yes' movement. If not, it is your 'no'. Mark your chart to align with your yes, or no (top-bottom or left-right).

Some people actually have the pendulum move in a circular direction for yes and in the opposite circular direction for no. There is no right or wrong about it. Just mark your chart with whatever you get when you ask the name. Then, change the name and ask again, 'Is my name x?' to verify your accuracy.

You can also say 'show me my maybe' and mark that on the chart. It will normally be circular or at a diagonal, or it just might shake. Whatever you get is fine, as long as it is different than your yes and no. When a maybe shows up, either it is not firm, yet, or you are not asking the right question.

Remember, just 5-15 minutes, at first. Check your 'yes', 'no', & 'maybe', first, then begin asking your questions. Write the answers down on your note paper for future reference.

When you are done, close the session. Say something like 'Thank you one and all for helping me today. I am done.' and set your pendulum down. Your helpers love appreciation!

It may also be to your advantage to have a list of questions, before you begin, so you are not sitting there tiring, thinking of what to ask next.

Some Tips For Using A Pendulum

Only work with your pendulum when you are rested and feeling happy.

Always begin a session by verifying your yes and no. These can change, from time to time.

At the beginning, only work for 5-15 minutes. It is a lot of fun, and you want to maintain that higher vibration. If you use your pendulum regularly, it won't be long before you can go much longer.

Have questions ready in advance, to make the most of your time.

Avoid asking questions like 'does he love me?', or 'is she faithful?'. These types of questions are based in fear and lack, lower your vibration, and will most likely get you responses that are inaccurate and NOT coming from your higher self, or your intended audience. You can ask if the relationship is in alignment with your highest good. If you get a yes, it only means that you will benefit through the relationship, not that it will be a happy relationship. We choose many experiences to learn from, especially where love is concerned.

At the beginning, ask questions that are not terribly important to you. This way, you will maintain a higher vibe and will get more accurate responses.

You can use your pendulum to ask about things like the best exercise for you, the best vitamins, the healthiest foods, the best colors for you, etc. You can do this by making a list of options on your notepad and go through them, one by one. Ask something like 'from among the choices on my notepad, is X the most beneficial for me?'

After you get really practiced with your pendulum, you can take it with you to the store and choose brands that you most align with, whether it is food, vitamins, music, phones, anything at all.

Most of all, have FUN!


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